Budget Counseling Helps With Family Bills

Good Advice Relieves AnxietySenior Adult Couple Going Over Papers in Their Home with Agent.

We all deal with a certain amount of debt in our lives. It can be the mortgage, car loan, and even student loans which have to be paid off. We usually are able to handle them but sometimes emergencies throw things out of balance. We also can be stuck with credit card debt which just seems to grow. The result of all of this can be very overwhelming for some people. They need help but they don’t know who to trust. An employer can provide a wonderful benefit by having a financial wellness program for the staff.



Cunning Use of Online Applications

Filling out an application for college loans is increasingly an online operation. A person completes the forms for a federally backed loan through an online process. The school will then deduct expenses such as tuition and fees, and send the rest of the balance to the student. This is a departure from traditional applications in which a student comes in person, fills out the paperwork and has a photo ID taken, and then is approved. Online applications have no such verification behind them, and stolen ID is used to make a fraudulent request. The victim then has the government and even the school demanding payment. The criminal is long gone. Group legal services that include identity theft are what is needed in this situation. An individual may be confronted with a sizable loan which he or she did not take out. An amazing tangle of paper is what the victim is confronted with.

Help both with Information and Financial Support

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has helped organizations designed group legal plan benefits since 1987. We know how times change and we understand how identity theft has become more complex. One of our group legal services is the Platinum ID Protector Plan. This is a benefit that can be of enormous assistance to any victim one of the services is customer support to answer questions.

Anyone who is faced with identity theft has to have an answer as soon as possible. Customer service can explain how various procedures must be done, and what is needed to correct with the situation. Dealing with college loan scams is a drawn out process with a number of parties involved. The victim has the chance of running up considerable legal bills. One of the group legal services offered under the Platinum ID Protector Plan is a $25,000 identity theft insurance policy. If a person qualifies, this insurance money can be used to help pay legal fees. The money can also be used for all the filings that have to be done to clear things up. This is a very important form of assistance. Combined with information provided by customer service a victim is better able to unravel the mess.

Service that is Effective and Fast

It does not matter what group legal plan an organization decides to have. Countrywide backs everything up with some of the best service in the industry. We see to it that a victim gets the benefits of a group legal services plan as soon as practicable. We are able to do this because we have streamlined our administration to better accommodate a person. Our customer service people are fully aware of the distressed state an individual is in. No question is too difficult to answer and none is considered ridiculous. We seek to do everything in our power to help this individual get out of a loan nightmare not of his or her making. It is with the right kind of service and the best kind of customer assistance which allows us to be of great help.

College loan scams are a frightening prospect to deal with, but anyone who has the Platinum ID Protector Plan has the tools to get out of the trouble. This is just one of the group legal plan benefits Countrywide has to offer. We have other possibilities and a decision-maker who is interested should contact us as soon as possible about all we have.