Combating Identity Theft in Pennsylvania

Information technology has truly exploded in the last 10 years. It isn’t just mainframe computers or PCs that store personal information, but also smart phones, and iPads and other tools of the social network revolution. There are quite a few places where personal information can be stored and that is not always a good thing. Identity theft has become an increasingly more serious crime.

Legally speaking, Identity theft is the actual taking of someone’s identity and assuming to be that person. It is ordinarily linked with credit cards and bank accounts but other areas such as health care savings accounts or retirement benefits can also be affected. It is a serious form of fraud that has been magnified by the accessibility of information through computer hacking and computer viruses. The consequences can be nothing short of a disaster, as identity theft can be used not only to break into an individual’s bank accounts, but even destroy a person’s credit rating before that individual even knows what is happening. The state of Pennsylvania has taken action and there are laws regarding identity theft in Pennsylvania statutes, which also include restitution. The laws are on the books but the damage may still have been done to person’s credit rating. Certain legal action may be needed to be taken to restore credit integrity, or process claims for reimbursement of electronically stolen funds. This can be a very involved process and group legal plans can help.

The illegal activity will require the processing of documents to restore a person’s good name after a serious case of identity theft. This may include filing paperwork germane to restoring a healthy credit status such as a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) complaint, or a fraud alert on a credit file. A credit bureau may have disclosed privileged information and may be liable, necessitating legal action to collect damages. Not everybody has the financial resources to afford any of this, but if a company has a group legal plan the employees can take advantage of it to go about restoring financial integrity. A group legal plan can direct an individual to lawyers who are skilled in the area of identity theft. Perhaps the greatest service these barristers can do is cut the amount of time needed to undo the damage. For anyone who relies on credit for buying a house or even maintaining credit cards time is a critical concern. If litigation is necessary, the group legal plan can keep the costs manageable.

Identity theft can be emotionally draining and make a person feel vulnerable. No one should bear that burden. An employer can help ease things with a plan that directly addresses instances of identity theft. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has set up identity theft and credit monitoring plan and legal plans for employers in Pennsylvania, and can help. Working with any employer Countrywide can create a benefit that enables an employee to take care of any instance of identity theft completely and quickly or reduce the potential of identity theft from taking place, thanks to a plan set up by a caring employer.