Communication is Essential for Great Quality – It is Part of the Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services Personal Touch


The law is a significant influence in everyone’s daily life; it is more than obeying traffic rules. There are leases, contracts, agreements, licenses, and other documents to regulate our activity.

Group Legal Plans will help make sense of things. Pre-paid legal services will assist with drafting wills, reviewing legal documents, and offering consumer protection advice, among other matters. These are excellent benefits that are made better with quality service. Good communication is essential.

Being Personal and Approachable

Business literature will buzz with articles about artificial intelligence and robotics. It’s right that machines will play a major role, but there will still be a need for emotional intelligence in service-related industries. The law is a service and it can get confusing.

People don’t always understand the rules and regulations. They get confused and need explanations. A Group Legal Plan should do more than produce fact sheets. Face-to-face meetings with an attorney significantly improve quality. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services encourages that. We want our attorneys to develop a rapport with plan members.

Our nationwide network allows us to have attorneys in a client organization’s community. It is easy to schedule a meeting with a Countrywide lawyer.

 A plan member might be frustrated about a contract or warranty. That person may be agitated by words he or she can’t understand. Countrywide attorneys are recruited for both legal and people skills. The legal professional listens carefully to what a Group Legal Plan member says. The advice and guidance are given after all the facts are known. Some people get nervous about legal issues and don’t want to be embarrassed. There is no need to worry with a Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services benefit. Our lawyers are expected to find solutions to problems, and they will not lecture anyone. Legal challenges are taken seriously, and the lawyer is there to help.

A Quality Driven Group Legal Plan

We want to give folks a little bit more for their money. Countrywide would like Plan members to understand our service, and we will not tolerate confusion. The individual can contact the Countrywide lawyer and ask as many questions as necessary about a given situation. This is part of the service included in all Countrywide Plans.

We go a little bit further. Countrywide attorneys can write letters and make telephone calls for the plan member. Such services allow for greater clarification. A person can be confident the Countrywide service is a bit more than expected.

The Client Picks the Benefits

Decision-makers in the organization know what their employees need and will appreciate. We let the client decide what benefit options will be a part of the final plan document. What the client feels employees will use is in the Group Legal Plan. Our services will always be there to make things easier for a Plan member.

Some of our pre-paid legal services are unique. For example, the simple wills benefit option includes an annual reminder. People can make the needed changes to their Countrywide drafted will. It allows an essential document to stay current. Guidance with consumer protection issues is something not every vendor will provide. Countrywide does and our clients are glad we do.

Our legal help is superior, but our service is what gains us great client reviews. Empathy is critical to us and our plan members know it by the way we treat them. Countrywide attorneys are expected to show genuine concern. If an attorney does not, that person will not be working with us.

You may have some questions about our benefits and services. We would like to hear them, and we invite you to contact us at your earliest convenience. Countrywide wishes to be of service and we gladly answer all inquiries. Please ask whatever you want, and we will respond.