A Consumer Protection Ally Is a Great Benefit

Legal Help is a Consumer’s Best Friend

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Consumer protection laws were not enacted without good reason. The statutes are intended to protect consumers from unethical behavior and shoddy merchandise. It is sad to admit, but there still are dishonest people in business. They take advantage of the buying public in numerous ways. Unethical merchants will rely on the small print or outright exaggerations and lies. Group legal plan services are a means of providing fraudulent behavior in the business world.

Helpless frustration is one of the biggest problems of consumers. They may have purchased inferior products but feel there’s nothing they can do about it. They chalk it up to a corrupt society. Consumer protection help is a legal benefit that renders real assistance. It provides the backup needed to fight back. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers consumer protection to help plan members.

Plugging the Holes

An unscrupulous salesperson will try to use a vague legal line to confuse a dissatisfied customer. The intention is to create a distraction which will result in that person just giving up. A Countrywide attorney is a seasoned veteran. He or she knows the games played, and will advise a pre-paid legal services plan member on what to do in these situations. If there is a warranty, the lawyer will review it to see what obligations hide in the clauses. It is the interpretation of that document as well as the legal advice which provides the best support. There is more that adds additional value to Countrywide group legal plan.

Comprehensive consumer protection needs additional services to be optimal. Countrywide provides a number of services to be certain that the plan member has the best possible experience. This includes face-to-face consultations, an unlimited number of telephone calls on a given situation, correspondence written on behalf of the client by the attorney, phone calls made by the attorney on behalf of the individual and help dealing with public agencies. Nobody wants to have to go to small claims court to settle the issue. However, should that happen a pre-paid legal services benefit Countrywide has will help the plan member prepare his or her case.

Countrywide provides more service than is usually expected. It applies steady pressure to an unethical business, causing it to try to seek a resolution which is satisfactory to the plan member. Countrywide attorney is tenacious in helping, but also is professional in behavior. Any questions regarding the pre-paid legal services are answered patiently by the lawyer. The plan member is not made to feel the Countrywide attorney is wasting time. What is essential is that a consumer protection issue is addressed carefully.


A Benefit Employees Will Like

No one wants a benefit that provides little value. The Countrywide group legal plan benefit offers service to meet the problems of the modern times. Consumer protection is just one of the options which we offer. We respect the need for an organization to provide only those benefits employees will use. This is the reasoning behind our willingness to allow choice. The client organization will tell us what options will be part of the plan, and that is what they will receive. Our commitment is to render all of those services as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our streamlined administration helps ensure high quality. It also guarantees a quick response. A Countrywide attorney is part of a national network we established. A plan member is going to deal with legal counsel who is close by, and not hundreds of miles away.

It could be a truck or software program that is malfunctioning. Consumer protection law is intended to protect consumers from poor quality. A Countrywide group legal plan helps shield a person from unethical business practices. We encourage human resources directors and decision-makers to contact us about our benefits. When we provide is something employees need.