Contract Review Prevents Major Problems

You have to Know What You Are Signing

Close up of lease agreement empty document with pen

Modern society is wrapped in legal paperwork, and we often feel we spend hours signing forms and agreements. Contracts are part of the legalese environment and usually are not a problem. However, people make the mistake of not reading carefully those papers which they are going to be signing. The result could be a few painful headaches which are avoidable if a group legal plan attorney is able to review the papers.

The Contract May Not Be Binding

Different states have different laws that govern contractual situations. A small business may accidentally use a boilerplate contract or copy that is valid in another state. However, what is used may have no legal standing at all, but the signer may feel obligated. Pre-paid legal services which include a review of contracts before signing are helpful. An attorney can point out quickly that the document has no validity, and a new one can be drawn up that fits state law.

Anyone who is signing a legal agreement has to know his or her obligations. The attorney in a group legal plan benefit can explain those to the individual. It helps in making the final decision as to whether the agreement is worth the trouble. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has worked with organizations since 1987 in developing group legal plan benefits. One of the pre-paid legal services we offer is a review of contracts.

Taking A Careful Look at the Clauses

Countrywide has a nationwide network of attorneys to provide service to plan members. A Countrywide lawyer is close by, and plan members receive priority. The service allows for review of the contract up to six pages; this is a standard size for most legal agreements. This professional notes that the plan member may not be acutely aware of legal language. Any questions are answered carefully and completely. An individual can make an unlimited number of telephone calls to the attorney on a given situation, and face-to-face consultations can be easily arranged. All of the efforts are intended to help prevent a person from entering into an unfavorable arrangement. The assistance of an attorney gives that same person a better view of what the contract covers. This knowledge prevents misunderstandings from arising.

An Excellent Benefit for Employers

Organizations who provide a pre-paid legal services benefit are assisting their employees. Our culture is full of legal requirements which sometimes are confusing. A benefit that permits a clear interpretation of contracts and legal agreements relieves an awful lot of anxiety. Employees appreciate this kind of service. Countrywide helps by seeing to it that the plan meets the needs of the workforce. We permit clients to choose what options will be part of their individual group legal plan. We offer a number of benefits but respect the decision of the employers. Any client can expect very efficient administration. Service that recognizes the individual and is sensitive to a person’s concerns is also something Countrywide includes in all benefit plans. We take great pride in our being client sensitive and responsive to the problems of any employee.

It is not fair to assume that people are intentionally trapped in bad contracts. What ordinarily happens is either the contract itself is not valid, or person does not understand the arrangement. Countrywide attorneys can provide the kind of insights needed to make the right decision. We do our very best to make sure that what was once confusing is made as clear as crystal. Review of contracts and other legal documents is one of many options we have to make things better for people. There are other benefits we provide, and these can all be part of a comprehensive legal plan for the benefit of employees. We encourage decision-makers to contact us and discover what makes the Countrywide benefit so outstanding.