Dealing with personal bankruptcy in New York

American history has a record of debtor’s prisons. People were incarcerated for an inability to pay debts, and prisoners included men who signed the Declaration of Independence. New York had them as well but no longer. While it’s a relief that a person in New York will not be sent to a debtor’s prison for failure to sufficiently pay an outstanding obligation, there is the trauma of personal bankruptcy which remains. It could be a very devastating dilemma for anyone and New York unfortunately doesn’t do much to relieve the anxiety.

The Complexity of the Process

What makes bankruptcy in New York unique is that there are four districts: Northern District, Southern District, Eastern District and Western District. The individual filing a bankruptcy petition does so in that district where he or she resides. Each district has its own set of filing schedules. New York bankruptcy law will allow for specific exemptions but the bankruptcy process is a slow grind of filings and processing of papers. There are meetings of creditors and the appointment of a bankruptcy trustee. Hanging over an individual’s head is the legitimacy of a bankruptcy petition being placed in question if either creditors or the court harbor doubts about the filing. It is sufficient to say that a person ought to have legal help in doing all the required paperwork properly.

Personal Bankruptcy Affects The Workplace

New York does have wage garnishment laws but garnishment is probably the least of an employer’s worries. Bankruptcy filings are complicated and time consuming. These are major distractions for employees and divert attention away from important projects. A voluntary payroll deduction benefit that helps an employee better shoulder the legal burden would help. A group legal plan is one such aid and Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has been creating these in New York for quite some time.

The objective is to assist employees in dealing with the personal crisis, and group legal services lighten a heavy load. Attorney fees can overwhelm an individual but such a voluntary payroll deduction plan can help reduce the costs, making the invoices received less of terror. The attorneys that are part of Countrywide’s network earn their money the old-fashioned way: hard work. They will see to it that the filings of the bankruptcy petition and all the other necessary paperwork are in good order. They will also represent members of the group legal plan in a highly professional manner if court proceedings are required. They provide seasoned guidance to anyone who is trapped in the maze commonly known as bankruptcy law.

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services makes it easy for a person to seek the advice and assistance of a credentialed lawyer. Much of the anxiety surrounding bankruptcy can be reduced by having a professional who is expert in the law. Group legal plans are viable way of lending a hand to an employee trapped in a serious financial issue. Countrywide can set up a voluntary payroll deduction plan that is tailored to what a New York employer would like to have, and provides that welcome support an employee facing bankruptcy truly needs.