Dealing with the Doctor Negotiations Produce Results

stockfresh_636353_stethoscope-laying-on-stacks-of-money_sizeS-300x200Older employees feel their age, which means medical care is becoming a priority concern. Medications, physical therapy, and other treatments become part of a person’s life after age 50, and people will worry about how to pay for necessary treatments.

Medical bills are nothing to laugh about. They are often costly, and some of the invoices can be in the thousands of dollars. Anyone who is used to paying off a bill as soon as possible can be shocked. Fortunately, there are ways to handle medical expenses, and they do not require a Ph.D. First, however, it is necessary to know what options are available to help deal with the costs.

Some Simple Suggestions

Managing medical bills does not have to be a migraine headache. Here are a few ideas that anyone can use to keep things under control:

  • Ask first. A doctor will recommend medication or treatments to a patient, and that’s part of the job. As a consumer, you have the right to ask for an estimate of cost before agreeing to anything. Moreover, you can schedule a procedure so that it is in line with the deductible or copayment. The objective is to have the health insurance policy pay for as much of the cost as practicable.
  • Cash payments. It is standard to file insurance claims for medical bills, which means a doctor’s office does not receive money until later. If you are willing to pay in cash, you might be able to get a discount on the bill. It is something to consider if the treatment itself is no more than a couple of hundred dollars.
  • Insist on generic drugs. Brand-name medications can be expensive. Generic drugs cost less and are just as effective. Request the generic medicines.
  • Stay with in-network medical providers. Insurance companies have preferred networks of medical providers. People pay more whenever they go outside of the network for medical care. The consumer needs to make sure that the service provided is from an in-network provider.
  • Manage the bills. Always request an itemized bill in addition to the standard explanation of benefits (EOB). A consumer has the right to know precisely what the costs are. It is possible that claims processors or accounts receivable staff can make mistakes. Check for errors and ask for an audit of the bill if it seems too much.

These are just some ideas to protect financial wellness, which is important for anybody. In addition, Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a financial wellness benefit to help employees take charge of their medical costs.

We Work with Professionals

Countrywide has a nationwide network of certified counselors to assist plan members. These counselors are financial wellness experts who are there to advise on how to control medical costs. They provide suggestions many people are not aware of, and the counselors give excellent guidance. There is a Countrywide financial wellness counselor in the community of every one of our clients. It is easy to arrange a conference with one of them.

We Have Several Financial Wellness Options

There are other services Countrywide offers that allow employees to have greater peace of mind regarding their budgets. Our prospective clients are asked to look at all our financial wellness options and decide which will be in their organization’s plan. We will provide streamlined administration and superior member services, so that plan member gets the type of assistance they need. What we offer is some of the best help in the industry.

Medical bills can look frightening, but they do not have to be nightmares. Countrywide can help people deal with their finances. If you have any questions about our services, please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience. We welcome the opportunity to explain our benefits to you.