Dealing with Zoning Board of Appeals

Legal Guidance makes it Easier

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Local communities will have zoning commissions to make sure the property does not adversely affect the quality of life, and the general welfare of the community. Zoning commissions will determine the use of a person’s property, and sometimes the decision of the commission could adversely affect the value of property. There is an opportunity to appeal or request a variance to commission rules. The problem is an ordinary person does not quite understand the process. Public agencies can be a bewildering experience if a person does not have the help of a group legal plan.

The Forms Look Confusing

Depending on the community, a formal application has to be submitted to the zoning board of appeals. This is ordinarily a petition for a hearing but it has to be filled out properly. It is where a lot of people run into difficulty. They do not understand the language or the process. The petition may be rejected simply because the forms were not properly completed. Group legal services may include help with public agencies and interpreting official documents. It is the kind of benefit support that any property owner would want to have.

A lawyer connected with a group legal plan can take a look at the application and determine all that is needed. Some important advice can be given to the plan member, letting this person know what to expect in the formal hearing. There could be a dispute between two neighbors over a zoning decision. The best of all possible worlds would be a resolution of the conflict before the zoning board, or small claims court, get involved. Group legal services should extend to a situation where a lawyer can write letters or make phone calls on the behalf of a group legal plan member. The communication can help settle any dispute before it goes any further. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has developed legal plan benefits for 28 years. What we provide is a comprehensive way to help people with a number of legal situations.

Helping with Public Agencies

The difficulty a person has in understanding zoning board procedures and/or paperwork goes away when a Countrywide attorney is brought into the matter. This legal professional lives in the same community as the plan member, and is familiar with the guidelines of the zoning board and its appeals wing. any confusing application is clarified, and a plan member is given an idea of what to do. Countrywide attorneys are permitted to write letters and make telephone calls on behalf of a plan member. If there are questions, then a plan member can call a Countrywide attorney on a given situation. Face to face consultations are also part of the package.

We cannot realistically guarantee that everything will go the way a plan member wants to in the face of the zoning board of appeals. However, the process is a lot easier when a Countrywide attorney is available for advice and guidance. Organization executives and human resources directors do want to provide group legal services benefits for employees that are worthwhile. At the same time, these people want to make sure that the administrative process is not a burden. Countrywide makes sure that any delivery of group legal services is efficient and effective. There is no unnecessary waiting around for service. Countrywide also allows organizations to decide exactly what is going to be in the group legal plan. This way the employees are better served by the plan.

Public agencies can be confusing if a person does not know what to do. The guidance provided by Countrywide lawyer clears the fog that may surround an issue. We provide a selection of worthwhile benefits that an organization can review and we welcome the chance to better explain them. Interested parties should feel free to get in touch with us.

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