Do You Know What You Owe?

Budget Counseling Makes Sense of Debt

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 Knowledge is the cornerstone of any financial wellness. A person needs to know how much is owed, and where is the money coming from. In the days when everything was done manually or by mail, it was not that difficult to have an understanding of a personal budget. Time have changed, and transactions occur more rapidly. It is now easy to shop with the use of mobile devices instead of going to the store. The modern consumer can accumulate massive debts on a monthly basis. These might require payments that are more than that same individual makes in a pay period. Outside help may be necessary to make sense of what is going on.

Learning to Deal with Debt


Countrywide Pre—Paid Legal Services has a financial wellness program to help people manage their budget figures. Budget counseling is one of the services provided. Countrywide has a nationwide network of certified counselors who work with individuals in dealing with financial matters. A plan member can arrange a meeting with one of these counselors to go over the personal budget. Our counselor will take a look at what is earned and what is owed for a given month. Suggestions can be made on how to manage the budget better, and see to it that required payments are made on time. If a plan member needs to access public resources in dealing with debt obligations such as student loans, our counselors can point them in the right direction.


The budget counseling is financial education. Countrywide realizes some phony professionals in the marketplace claim to be experts. We scrutinize our counselors carefully to be sure they have substantial expertise. We go further than that by looking into their people skills. Budgets and financial matters are very sensitive issues. No one wants to feel stupid, and our counselors are careful in the discussion. These experts want to help a person get better control over their finances. Financial wellness plan member is respected, and solutions to problems are provided.


A Benefit for Employers


Competition is rough in this economy and companies need to have an advantage. Organizations want to hire the best people and retain them for a long time. A financial wellness plan is an excellent tool. Candidates for open positions can be persuaded that this benefit is going to be very helpful, and current employees will be able to use the services to their own advantage. It is the kind of assistance that anyone on the staff is going to appreciate.


Countrywide helps its clients maximize the advantage of such a benefit. Organizations have all sorts of people, and the demographics are different from one country to another. We allow our clients to choose what financial wellness options will be in the overall plan. It allows them to tailor the design to fit the needs of the workforce better. Countrywide goes one extra step further by seeing to it that administration is straightforward and direct. We do not want anyone to wait for needed support. It is very easy to get a hold of one of our counselors and arrange for productive meetings. Employers and employees are going to find the Countrywide financial wellness plan to be something that is well worth having the benefits program.


Budgets can change because of circumstances. A little bit of counseling is going to help a person better adjust payments and control expenses. Of the dollars and has the expenses well-managed. Countrywide offers other options which consist. Advice on bankruptcy, home buying, and student loan management are a few of the services we can provide within the plan document. Decision-makers are encouraged to give us a call to find out more about what we can do for them.