Feel More Cyber Securex – Countrywide Protects Your Identity


Cybersecurity is big business. Companies are worried about hackers and build thicker walls against those thieves. Ordinary consumers might feel safe, but their individual information can be stolen. It may be a telephone solicitation or phishing email; there are ways to take personal data. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services wants to help people protect their bank accounts and credit cards

We Sound the Alarm

Alerts are the customary means of personal protection. Sudden drops in credit scores are clues someone else is using your credit card data. The Countrywide credit monitoring uses three credit agencies to monitor activity. Sudden changes in credit scores are released to a plan member. The process of reporting damage can begin immediately.

Recovering from a cyber-attack is not easy. A great deal of paperwork is required right away. Usually more than one bank or credit card company must be notified of the theft. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers a variety of assistance in our group legal plan benefit. We do the same with ID protection.

We offer two separate ID protector plans. The Platinum ID Protector Plan is the one with the most services available. It includes criminal record monitoring, fraud alerts, financial data protection, and help with any credit disputes brought on by the invasion of privacy. There is also free customer support for any questions.

We Offer Comprehensive ID Protection

The Premier ID Protector Plan is just as valuable in its own way. While it does not have the same number of services as the Platinum, this ID protector has the monthly score updates, daily credit monitoring, and a financial record monitoring among other activities.

It is important to point out that both have a $25,000 identity theft insurance plan. This is a benefit that is one step beyond what we offer in our group legal plan programs. Recovery from a cyber theft is not easy. A person will have to file legal documents and provide other information to the authorities and banks and credit card companies. The theft insurance helps cover the legal costs for all the work. A person may have to take time off from work and this insurance policy can cover any loss of pay, depending on the circumstances.

Choice is something that we offer with our pre-paid legal services benefits and we do the same with the protection plans. An employer can choose which one of the programs will be offered to the rank-and-file employees. We can point out the value of each one, but it is the client who will decide.

We insist on respect for people with all the benefit programs we provide. Whether it is a group legal plan, financial wellness plan, or one of these ID Protector Plans, we think that employers know best. What we do as an outside party is provide the very best service imaginable. Everyone who is involved with Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is expected to show courtesy and respect to any plan member. A person can expect to have immediate service from knowledgeable people and assistance in correcting a serious problem.

We Help You Feel More Secure

We cannot understate how a valuable either protection plan is for employees. Either one removes a great deal of anxiety and worry. A person knows almost immediately of any attack on his or her financial security. That same person knows that Countrywide is there to help restore credit sanity.

People are doing more shopping online and using their plastic. The risk of cyber theft is there and will not go away. We can help repair any damage. Our protection program is like our group legal plan benefit by offering solutions to common problems. We feel that we have the type of cybersecurity assistance your employees will appreciate. Please feel free to contact us at your convenience and find out more about what we can do.