Financial Wellness Builds Dreams Countrywide Makes Them Come True

stockfresh_6378534_financial-freedom-concept_sizeS-300x192We have all faced some tough times recently, but not all of us are in financial trouble. Many are being paid a good wage and can pay their bills. They are not the ones who desperately need help, but they do appreciate some guidance. An employer gains employee loyalty when that assistance is provided.

Helping the Workers

Generation Z wants to be financially responsible. Their challenge is that they do not know what to do. Younger people try to create budgets but sometimes get lost in the figures. Older employees are starting families and are thinking of buying a house. They are uncertain about real estate, bewildered by the terminology, and have trouble selecting the best mortgage. Any advice from a professional will save these employees thousands of dollars. Senior aged employees face issues with medical bills. They worry they may have to postpone retirement because of the high cost of medical treatment.

Organizations try to help by sponsoring financial seminars. That is a good idea, but individuals have their own needs and goals. Personal attention from a professional means a lot. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services believes in the personal touch. Our financial wellness program permits a plan member to be connected with a financial expert.

Words of Wisdom and Planning

Countrywide uses the services of certified counselors for the benefit of financial wellness plan members. These counselors are seasoned veterans who help people resolve ordinary financial difficulties. There is one in the community of every Countrywide client and scheduling a Covid – safe meeting is simple.

Countrywide counselors provide services a financial wellness plan member will appreciate. The counselor can identify problems with a budget analysis. A person might need a large amount of cash. The asset inventory a counselor performs will discover what can be sold to secure the funds. We know that buying the first home is a major decision and will create anxiety. Our self-study program, “Make Your Move”, gives a financial wellness plan member an inside look at the real estate industry and how to prepare for that significant purchase successfully.

The best service that we offer is help in planning financial future. The advice a person gets from a Countrywide counselor is some of the best possible. People have dreams and might not have an idea of how to reach them financially. We do our best to help these people plan for the future.

Count on Respect

Our clients know that their employees are going to be treated well. Countrywide emphasizes communication and empathy in all the help we give. Our counselors listen to a person carefully before any recommendations are made. The hopes and dreams of any plan member are taken seriously. We intend to help a person reach future goals.

The Client Is There in All Planning

We have financial wellness benefits that address many issues. We want to ensure that the Countrywide benefit is there for all employees, but we are not familiar with a prospective client’s workforce. Accordingly, we will ask for help from an organization’s decision-makers.

Our MOD is to explain each benefit carefully and answer any questions that a prospective client might have. While we point out the benefits of all our services, we will not promote one over another. The prospective client will then decide what services will be part of their plan. Those selections are respected and will be part of the final plan document. Countrywide furnishes the administration and member services.

We go the distance and beyond to be of service to our clients. We believe that Countrywide can help anyone shape the kind of financial future they want. Making dreams come true is something we enjoy doing. If you have any questions about our financial wellness benefit, please contact us at your earliest convenience. We are ready to answer any inquiries you might have.