Getting Individual Protection Countrywide Can Help You Feel Cyber-Safe

stockfresh_3429711-250x300Thieves are not stupid. They are clever scoundrels who want your financial records, your cash, or both. They can be ingenious little devils.

One trick a thief will use involves the U.S. Post Office. A blue postal drop box is designed to receive a lot of mail and it is a target. A felon will use a handheld vacuum cleaner to take out the mail. After that, the villain will go through the mail and take advantage of any personal financial material, including checks and credit card numbers. Victims will not know until they receive their monthly statements that they been robbed. That person’s financial accounts and moved on by then.

It is critical in this time when criminals are becoming cleverer, and people rely a lot on shopping, to have protection. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers group legal plans, financial wellness, and identity theft and credit monitoring plans organizations. Furthermore, we have an individual identity theft and credit monitoring benefit that anyone can use.

We Provide Several Options

We provide different levels of coverage. Depending on the plan an individual chooses, Countrywide offers ID theft insurance, ID monitoring and alerts, Bureau reports and credit scores, family protection, and other services.

A major advantage of our identity theft and credit monitoring plans is a victim knows almost immediately that something has gone wrong. It enables that person to respond proactively to any attack on checking accounts or credit cards. Countrywide can assign a fraud restoration specialist to a person and assist in restoring credit health.

A variety of alerts and information monitoring are available from Countrywide. You just have to decide what plan you would like.

Want Versus Need

Countrywide always permits choice with our group legal plan benefit. The same is true with our financial wellness services. Those pre-paid legal services are part of their Countrywide group legal plan. You, however, can select the protection you desire. The issue is want versus need.

It is critical to have good protection from identity theft, but how much should you have? The more you rely on the Internet or credit cards, the greater will be your security needs. As with our group legal plan, Countrywide will not push one coverage over another. We encourage questions about pre-paid legal services that are part of our group legal plan benefits. We do the same for financial wellness, and we allow questions on our identity theft and credit monitoring.

It means more than a Q&A page on our website. You can talk to a real person about our coverages, and what type of service we offer within each plan. Our staff listens carefully to any inquiry. We want people to have the right coverage for their security needs and no question is small to us. We will say that the coverage is greater in some situations than others, but you are the one who makes the choice.

The Best Service Imaginable

Once you have decided, you can expect high quality service from Countrywide. We believe in emotional intelligence and expect our staff to always practice it. Anyone who is a victim of identity theft feels vulnerable. We will patiently work with anyone who has been attacked by a cyber pirate.

All our coverages include ID theft insurance of up to $1 million. It reimburses wages lost while trying to establish credit integrity and can be as much is $1500 per week for five weeks.

It is sad but identity theft is not going to go away anytime soon. Everyone in the Internet age must be careful to protect their financial information and the cash assets they own. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is ready to assist. An individual plan provides your own security blanket courtesy of Countrywide. Please feel free to call us at your convenience with any questions you might have