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There are a number of legal documents which we take for granted. Any financial advisor will tell you that having a will is extremely important. It sees to it that your estate goes directly to the people intended, with very few delays. This is all perfectly fine but for an immigrant employee this can be a problem. Such people come from different cultures and different legal environments. They don’t understand American law need a group legal plan to draft a will.

The final distribution of the estate many times has to reflect the norms and values of the culture. The Koran, for example, has very specific instructions as to where the final property has to go. This makes the drafting of the will a little bit more complex and ordinary. While a will is not a difficult document, additional time spent creating a specific will can cost money in legal fees. The expense can persuade a person to forego having a very necessary document prepared.

The process of writing a will can be intimidating. A person who is new to America understands that the financial security of his or her family will depend on that statement of last instructions. However, being unfamiliar with American law will cause this person to hesitate. That can be dangerous and have serious consequences in the future. Employers who are concerned about the welfare of employees understand the importance of a will. A group legal plan which permits the drafting of the will is consequently a critical benefit. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers the writing of the will as one of the group legal plan options for an organization to consider. This service relieves a lot of anxiety, and our attorneys are among the best in the profession.

Strong Network of Attorneys

Our network of attorneys nationwide means there will be legal counsel close by whenever a pre-paid legal services plan member needs assistance. We expect our attorneys to show a great deal of empathy, which permits a foreign employee to relax a little bit when it comes time for drafting a will. All questions are answered completely. If a plan member feels comfortable with a face-to-face consultation, it can be arranged. There is always the right to unlimited telephone calls to the attorney on a given situation.

Any group legal plan member can make the session with Countrywide attorney a comprehensive affair. Preparing the will can be performed but also medical power of attorney can be looked over. If the employee has a contract or legal document that needs to be defined, the Countrywide attorney will look over it. It all depends on what options are in the plan document.

Serving the Organization

Countrywide has been providing legal plans to organizations since 1987 and we have learned one very important lesson: a good pre-paid legal services benefit is based on the client’s needs. This is why we provide the option to choose the benefit. The organization decides what’s in the plan. We see to it that the services are efficient and effective.

Having a will drafted does not have to be an expensive nightmare. The same is true for the review of legal documents and the preparation of a medical power of attorney. Countrywide keeps all the cost reasonable within our pre-paid legal services benefits. The extra services such as unlimited telephone calls or face-to-face consultations make everything certainly worthwhile.

A last will and testament is a cornerstone of good financial plan. We can definitely be of service to anyone who needs to have that legal paperwork drafted. We have other options that the organization may want to consider. Please feel free to contact us about them at your earliest convenience.

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