Good Service Relies on Communication More Than a Chat Room

stockfresh_1959659_explaining-mortgage-conditions_sizeS-300x200Group legal plans provide a needed service. There are legal issues that require a professional’s advice and experience. People appreciate having simple wills drafted and suggestions on how to deal with bureaucrats. However, there is more to providing high quality, pre-paid legal services.


All Forms of Communication


A group legal plan should do more than process papers. A willingness to go the extra mile needs to be part of the package. The attorneys must be empowered to offer more than essential services. The Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services group legal plan has communication built into it.


Official Communication


Our national network of lawyers can communicate on behalf of the plan member. The Countrywide attorney may write letters on behalf of the plan member and make telephone calls as well.


Both are essential services. Various legal issues require specific information that a layman does not understand. Countrywide attorneys know what to request and formal letters can secure it. There other times the telephone call will do the job. Merchants who hesitate to honor a warranty have an attitude change whenever an attorney speaks to them. Public employees readily share information because they and the Countrywide attorney understand the same language. The official committee service ends a lot of red tape delays.


Informal Communication


Group legal plan members are not satisfied with online chat rooms. They want to talk to a real person. They also wish for those discussions to be in a safe environment. Countrywide lawyers give our plan members priority attention. It is one of our pre-paid legal services. Getting an appointment is easy because of the proximity. There is a Countrywide lawyer located in every community where there is a client.


We encourage questions, and we know group legal plan members can forget a critical inquiry. That is an issue with an easy solution. We allow a plan member to ask as many questions as needed on a given subject. These questions can be telephoned after any meeting, and there is no charge.


Empathy will always be in our communications. No plan member wants a cold, formal lecture, and our lawyers have exceptional people skills. We recruit based on emotional intelligence evidence, and a Countrywide lawyer treats everyone with courtesy and respect.


Interacting with Clients


Developing a Countrywide group legal plan is a team effort between Countrywide and the client. We understand that a client will require not all our services, and we will not push one benefit over another. We communicate directly with a client’s decision-makers on constructing the benefit.


The communication requires explaining each benefit thoroughly and answering any questions that the employer might have. We point out each benefit’s value, knowing that it is the client who makes the final decisions. Those services which a client wants will be part of the final plan document.


We provide a streamlined administration that gets services to an individual as soon as possible. We have superior member services and clients have commented favorably about the attention their employees receive from Countrywide. All our benefits rely on legal expertise, emotional intelligence, and understandable communication. These reasons why we can say that we are one of the best in the industry and we have forged long-term relationships with satisfied clients from all sectors.


We would welcome the opportunity to communicate with you about the Countrywide advantage. We believe that we can give the kind of pre-paid legal services you want for your employees. We want you to find out about us, and this means opening a dialogue that is informative and productive at the same time.


If you are interested in what we can do for your employees, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. Countrywide is ready to answer any questions and explain all services in detail. We look forward to having a conversation with you.