Group Legal Plans Require Effective Communication

Woman in home office with computer using telephone frowningEffective communication is a necessary quality for any employee benefit plan. It does not help if assistance is only provided with a webpage; employees have a right to expect more. Some issues require a person to be able to express individual concerns and seek remedies. An employee benefit that has sensitive and effective communication is helpful and appreciated.

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers group legal plan benefits for organizations of all sizes. We have done this for years and know from experience that communication tools are necessary to provide high-quality service; we value excellent communication and provide our attorneys with the essential tools.

We Promote Relationships

Legal services require direct communication. It is more than a chat room or a Q&A space on the Internet. Countrywide’s nationwide network of attorneys will provide superior pre-paid legal services to our group legal plan members. Such assistance is provided with a personal touch.

What we mean by that is that we have an attorney in the community of every Countrywide client organization. Plan members are given priority status, and we encourage a direct meeting with our attorneys. Those legal practitioners provide a high priority to our group legal plan members when setting up appointments.

Empathy matters. A Countrywide attorney must understand members’ frustration or anxiety with a common legal problem. We recruit our attorneys not only on their legal expertise. Emotional intelligence is a quality we need to see, or else that lawyer will not be working with us.

We Provide the Necessary Tools

A Countrywide lawyer must have the tools to provide the best service to our group legal plan members. Accordingly, we offer them in various ways. For example, a Countrywide lawyer is permitted to write letters on legal stationery and make telephone calls on behalf of the plan member, especially if additional information is needed to resolve a problem.

People sometimes get anxious in meetings with attorneys and forget to ask important questions. Those same people get worried that they may be charged extra for making telephone calls to the attorney to get answers. That is fine for us. If a plan member has a question about a given subject that needs answers, that person is allowed an unlimited number of telephone calls on that subject to the attorney. It is a pre-paid legal service benefit we have found to be very helpful.

Our attorneys will also communicate with plan members when drafting simple or living wills. Those conversations guarantee that the finished document is precisely what it needs to have. Hopefully, the rapport we encourage between the Countrywide lawyer and the plan member will resolve any difficulty quickly.


We Communicate with the Clients 

Countrywide maintains a transparent and open flow of communication with all of our clients. We want to be sure that services are appropriately administered, and that the client is satisfied with what we do. In addition, we ask the client to help us draft their unique plan.

We sit down with a prospective client’s management and review all our benefit options. We understand that not every service is what the organization wants, and we do not promote one benefit over another. The decision-makers will determine what Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services they want for their benefit. The choices will be included in the plan document. Countrywide will provide streamlined administration and superior member services. We are always available for any questions a client might have.

We welcome the chance to demonstrate our communication skills with you. If you have questions about our services, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We have a benefit employees will use and appreciate.