Help in Returning to Work Countrywide Can Make Things Easier

stockfresh_2261463_business-people-team_sizeS_5562cb-300x137It means a lot for employees to get back to work after a quarantine. Most do not enjoy staying at home, and the job routine is welcome. What is not are the legal hassles that sprang up during the furlough.

The Courts Were Still Working

The legal system never entirely shuts down. There were some deadline extensions, but the wheels of jurisprudence were slowly moving. Licenses had to be granted, applications for government assistance completed, and probate court issues needed to be resolved. Everything moved a little slower but kept going.

Returning employees must deal with these problems. It is not easy for anyone who is not familiar with the law. Mistakes will happen if a person does not know what to do. Group legal plans provide services that will assist in getting the problem solved. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a group legal plan benefit that gives a member needed assistance.

Untangling the Knots

Most legal challenges happen from a misunderstanding about procedures. Our national network of attorneys gives their professional expertise to plan members who are caught in a bind. The legal insights of a Countrywide attorney are worth their weight in gold.

Pieces of paper are important in the legal system. Folks do not always appreciate the significance of simple wills, living wills, or attorney’s medical powers. Countrywide lawyers draft these as pre-paid legal services. If a group legal plan member needs assistance in filing a consumer protection complaint, the countrywide attorney is there. Countrywide can also review legal documents the check for any inconsistencies.

Secondary Assistance

Our essential pre-paid legal services are supported by secondary help. Countrywide attorneys can make telephone calls and write letters on official stationery for a plan member. It is simple to set up a conference with a lawyer that respects social distancing. A plan member has additional questions after the meeting, that person can make an unlimited number of telephone calls to the attorney on a specific issue. Our administration is intentionally designed to deliver quick service. Nobody must wait for help!

An Employer’s Role

Decision-makers of a client organization have a significant role to play in a group legal plan document. Countrywide does not know the workforce demographics, and we rely on management to tell us what benefits best suit their employees. We go to great lengths to explain our options, but we do not insist on this benefit or that being in the plan. It is what the client wants, and that is what the client will get in pre-paid legal services. The selections made will be part of the program. Some qualities that are automatic parts of any Countrywide plan is the professionalism and behavior of our attorneys.

We deal with lawyers who are well known for their legal expertise, but that is not all. We want them to show superior communication and people skills. It is not easy to return from work after weeks of leave. Understandably, a person may be worried about what developed in the legal world that impacts their lives. A Countrywide lawyer understands the stress. That legal professional will listen carefully to what a plan member sends and make suggestions on how to change things. Empathy is a vital part of the service. Clients can expect that their employees will be treated with dignity and respect. We are not trying to preach sermons but help. Countrywide has a well-earned reputation industry for giving the best to our clients.

If you have any questions about our group legal plan benefit options, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We believe that what we can provide will be valuable to your employees. We are ready to answer all your questions and welcome the opportunity to introduce you to two Countrywide.