Helping to Deal with The Government – Countrywide is there for You

1Working from home does have great benefits. Commuting and daycare costs are drastically reduced, and irritating office politics is gone. Organizations are noticing increased productivity but that could be temporary. Some intangible benefits of the office are missing and need replacement.


The Informal Communications Network


People chat and share information in the office. Experiences one employee has are shared with another and that can help the second person. These informal communications include how to deal with government agencies. Loss of break room sharing takes away an essential source of information. An individual does not know how to work with bureaucrats and fellow employees are there to give advice. The stress of not knowing what to do can affect performance. Group legal plans might offer help and Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services provides guidance on how to deal with the government.


Seasoned Attorneys Provide Advice


Our group legal plan benefit uses local attorneys to provide pre-paid legal services. There is a Countrywide attorney located in the community of a Countrywide client and plan members have easy access to needed help.


The lawyers deal with public agencies all the time. These professionals understand agency regulations and help group legal plan members avoid mistakes. A plan member is given sound advice on what to do and a Countrywide attorney will suggest ways to speed up the bureaucratic process. Public agencies can be a mystery and plan members get frustrated. A Countrywide pre-paid legal services benefit allows a person to make an unlimited number of telephone calls to the attorney. Any confusion is thus clarified.


Employers decide Pre-Paid Legal Services


Client organizations are active participants in designing a Countrywide benefits plan. We ask the decision-makers to select those benefits options they want in the plan and we include these selections. We provide administration and superior member services.


The best service we offer is emotional intelligence. People get anxious when dealing with government agencies and are afraid to make mistakes. It causes them to be hesitant when there is no reason to be that way. The Countrywide attorney is recruited for communication skills in addition to legal knowledge.


We insist that our attorneys listen patiently to every question provided by a plan member. Our attorneys are not there to preach sermons or shame somebody for not understanding procedures. Our attorneys are skilled in empathy and make a person feel comfortable about resolving a situation. We have always received high praise from the clients we serve.


We Reduce Stress


Remote workers will sometimes feel isolated. Even though the home is a nice place to work, pressures will rise as people try to cope with the new work area. Everyday problems with public agencies can only add to a feeling of frustration and worry. Countrywide wants to relieve people of the pressures.


We will go the extra mile for that person who is working out of the office. A Countrywide attorney can write letters on legal stationery and make telephone calls on behalf of a group legal plan member. These ways of communicating make the entire process a lot easier. Our attorneys are familiar with deadlines and what information must be provided to a public agency. This is the kind of information that is transferred to a plan member, allowing them to get the public services that they sincerely need. A Countrywide lawyer also knows the right person to contact on given issues. It saves time and makes people feel better about working with the government. Countrywide wants to remove all the obstacles.


If you have any questions about our group legal plan services, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We would welcome an opportunity to explain what we can do to make all your employees, even those who work away from the office, feel more relaxed in dealing with legal issues.