I Am in Control! Take Charge of Your Finances with Countrywide

stockfresh_1104622_falling-credit-cards_sizeS-300x200It is a brand-new year, and everyone has a resolution or two on their bucket list. Some of these goals are short term and will be completed by February. Others are intended to last for months, if not years. Those can be life-changing events. A significant resolution is taking control of those credit card balances.

Folks were generous during the holiday season and now it is time to pay up. Credit balances ballooned and so did the minimum payments. The debt may have caused a person to reach the maximum on a credit card, which generates a big challenge. Double-digit interest charged on an existing balance can threaten financial wellness.

Home remedies for credit card debt do not always work and can result in dramatic changes to a personal budget. It helps if a person can connect to an expert who can offer sound advice on safeguarding financial wellness. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services can provide the type of assistance that a money-conscious employee can use.

Financial Wellness Counselors

Countrywide has a national network of certified counselors to help plan members with credit card debt issues. Our experts are seasoned veterans, and their experience enables them to give excellent insights into ways to gain better control of credit card balances.

The first step is the budget analysis. Paying down the debt will affect an employee’s cash flow. The Countrywide counselor will closely examine income and expenses. This professional will take note of the credit cards and identify those which can be paid off quickly. Some adjustments might be made to other items in the budget to release more cash for debt payment.

Other adjustments will ensure that other, substantial expenses can still be met while the credit balances are being reduced.

Credit balances might be negotiable. It depends on the financial institution that issues the card. The Countrywide counselor can do a little research to determine if a financial wellness plan member’s interest rates might be reduced. Consolidating all the credit balances into one is an option, but it can be risky. Missing a payment can cause the interest rate to skyrocket. A counselor who recommends a consolidation checks the opportunity’s background, noting any possible problems inherent in the terms, before suggesting consolidation as a debt-paying strategy.

Empathy is a Crucial Skill

Credit cards are a sensitive issue. People are a bit shy talking about credit card issues; they hate to appear irresponsible. Countrywide counselors work with many credit card debtors, and the counselors appreciate the need for excellent communication skills. Our counselors listen. They are more concerned with a person’s immediate challenges and will not preach rough sermons. A financial wellness plan member is gently encouraged to explain their situation. Our counselor then takes the steps required to be of service. We recruit based on emotional intelligence in addition to experience and knowledge of domestic finances.

We Will Work with Clients

Countrywide has developed working relations with all kinds of organizations. We understand that each client has a unique group of employees. We want the financial wellness benefit to fit the needs of all employees. The decision-makers know what the workforce needs, and we rely on management’s insights.

We will explain our benefit options carefully and answer all questions. The organization then makes choices of those benefits that will be part of the plan. We will do the administration and supply superior member services. Employees will appreciate what we can do.

This year is a great time to resolve the issue of credit cards. Countrywide can help. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We welcome all queries and deliver comprehensive answers. You will be pleasantly surprised at the quality service Countrywide offers.