It Is All About Communication It Comes In Many Forms

banner-300x114Service is a vital part of the business world, and that includes employee benefits. More people are working remotely and can no longer go around the corner to the HR Department for information. Some companies prefer to use websites and chat rooms for employee benefits, but that is insufficient. Remote workers sometimes feel alienated and want a face-to-face meeting. Those personal conferences must be high-quality encounters in which employees can get substantive service. Unfortunately, some group legal plans are not keen on communication and provide only the bare minimum. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is not one of those. We think communication is an essential part of superior service, and we have it as a top priority.

 Direct Contact with an Attorney

The Countrywide national network of attorneys allows us to have a legal professional in every community of our clients. A group legal plan member has the option of having a personal meeting with the Countrywide lawyer. Priority status is granted as a pre-paid legal services benefit, and the conference can be held as early as practicable for both parties.

People are still a bit nervous about COVID-19, even with all the existing vaccines. We respect that concern, and all our attorneys practice safety protocols. All group legal plan members will feel comfortable having a meeting with one of them.

Service-related Communication

A Countrywide pre-paid legal services benefit is the result of teamwork. We have several excellent services, and we ask prospective clients to look at each one, ask us questions about them, and then select those options that will be a part of their group legal plan. In addition, each has communication-related services given by Countrywide.

Helping a plan member with something like drafting a simple will or advice on dealing with government agencies may require some outreach. We empower our attorneys to use communications mediums to get additional information for the sake of our plan members. A Countrywide lawyer may write letters on letterhead stationery to help a person. That same lawyer can also make telephone calls to access needed data. Plan members sometimes forget to ask essential questions in a Countrywide meeting. They might hesitate to call the attorney because they might get billed for the conversation. That is nothing for a plan member to worry about. We will allow an unlimited number of phone calls on a particular subject. It empowers an individual to make maximum use of our pre-paid legal services.



The Art of Listening

Many don’t realize that listening is an important communications tool. It is more than hearing the voice of the other person. Countrywide expects a lot from our attorneys, and it means more than just giving legal advice. We expect those legal experts to listen.

The quality of the listening is what matters. Our lawyers listen carefully to the plan members and encourage them to talk. Questions are gently asked, and respect for the individual is freely given. Countrywide recruits its attorneys on people skills in addition to legal acumen. High-level emotional intelligence is part of the Countrywide package.

We foster productive relationships between the plan member and the attorney. We hope that those enrolled in a Countrywide benefit plan feel encouraged to continue dealing with one of our lawyers and take full advantage of the Countrywide group legal plan. Clients have commented favorably on the way their employees are treated and the ability of Countrywide to solve major problems. Our attention to communication is a primary reason for that.

If you have any questions about our services, please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience. Countrywide welcomes the chance to discuss our benefits and answer any inquiries. We want to be able to serve your employees and give them our best.