It is the Service that Truly Matters

Legal Assistance Plans must be member-friendly

The basic requirement of any group legal plan is to provide competent legal assistance to any plan member who is in need of it. The ability to review contracts, give advice on small claims courts cases, and to write simple wills and powers of attorney are what any human resources director has a right to expect from such a voluntary benefit. That being said, there still is value which has to be added to make any plan offering legal services worthwhile. It is the customer service that is truly the heart and soul of the benefit.

The Additional Services That Mean so Much

Employees who seek help from attorneys are dealing with serious disruptions in their everyday life. These can be simple things like a problem with a renter’s agreement or something more serious that may involve a family member. In these situations the frustration and anxiety can easily be seen on the face of an employee. The problems can take away from meaningful contributions at the workplace as these matters become more distracting. Some of the benefits that appear minor, such as an unlimited number of phone calls to attorney on a given matter or having the attorney write letters on the plan member’s behalf, can make a voluntary benefit very worthwhile.

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers a group legal plan that provides a little extra for plan members. The Personal Legal Protector Plan is designed to provide the very best legal services possible. In addition to the ability of making unlimited phone calls to the attorney, a plan member can also request that the lawyer make telephone calls on his or her behalf. If it is necessary; a face-to-face consultation with a Countrywide attorney is possible. The Countrywide network of attorneys is nationwide. If a plan member is faced with a real emergency far from home, the network can be used to find the very best legal counsel close by. Issues requiring specialized legal knowledge can be handled through direct referrals the Countrywide will make on behalf of the plan member.

One of our important services is the human touch. Our attorneys fully understand how distressing legal issues can be, and they take the time necessary to calm rattled nerves and explain carefully all of the options. A plan member in one of our voluntary benefit plans for legal services always knows that his or her case is taken very seriously. Countrywide attorneys will return phone calls quickly and provide feedback promptly. It is one of the reasons why a group legal plan from Countrywide is greatly appreciated by so many employers and their employees.

The Best Design Flexibility

Countrywide has provided group legal plan benefits for all kinds of employers including companies, trade associations, nonprofit organizations, and unions among other organizations. We know the there’s no such thing as “one size fits all” and we work with employers to provide the very best voluntary benefit for employees. This means that we gladly tailor the design to fit the needs of the employer. We make sure that a Countrywide benefit is very easy to administer, and the human resources does not have to deal with elaborate administrative activities. We want to be certain that service is delivered promptly and without any hassles.

The small things such as empathy and flexibility mean a great deal to plan members and employers. We provide the kind of voluntary benefit service that addresses major issues and at the same time appreciates the needs of management and plan members alike. There are a number of other benefit options that we have, and we encourage interested parties to get in touch with us with any questions. We welcome the opportunity to explain how we can provide a comprehensive voluntary benefit plan that provides great service.

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