Last Wills Must Consider Blended Families

Traditional families are no longer the standard. Blended households are quite common with new spouses and stepchildren included. It makes things interesting, but when it comes to probate court it becomes challenging. The will a person leaves behind has consequences. Those who don’t have a will should use a group legal plan to have one drafted. p126-1-jpg

Wills Must Consider New Family Members

To be sure, the reciprocal and non-reciprocal wills can cover blended family situations. A very critical emergency arises when an existing will, one created before the second marriage, is still in effect. It means that the second spouse and stepchildren may be left out in the cold when it comes to the estate. Pre-paid legal services often include drafting a will. It allows an individual to make provisions for the blended family. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services includes in the group legal plan benefit an option for creating wills.

We Address the Need

Countrywide has a national network of attorneys. These legal professionals have drafted wills in the past and understand what has to be in the document. They will make certain that all of the clauses comply with the proper state law.

Composing a will is a very sensitive topic. It isn’t just because of the death issue but also the appropriate allocation of the estate to the beneficiaries. Our lawyers understand this. They will not lecture anybody but point out various parts of the law to the group legal plan member. The language of the document is crucial. Anything that is vague or a little bit murky can be contested by somebody who may not even be part of the family. That possibility is a strong reason why doing a will online is not a good idea. Our attorneys know the nuances of language and what must expressly be in that final will. There will be no mistaking who is to receive what portion of the estate. Courtesy and respect is a given part of the Countrywide pre-paid legal services benefit. There’s a little bit more that we offer when it comes to creating a will.

Life changes. Divorces, regrettably, it will happen and beneficiaries will change. However, the will that is written is enforced. Countrywide will send annual reminders to group legal plan members who had the will drafting service. It was a gentle nudge to have this person check on the status of things. If necessary, a new will can be composed.

Clients Get to Choose

Employers want benefits they know employees will use. It does no good to offer something which the employees will not take advantage of in their daily lives. Countrywide has worked with the organization since 1987, and we know how important meeting the needs of employees can be. Consequently, our clients tell us what options they want in a pre-paid legal services plan. We do not provide boilerplate benefits

We work with the client to fashion a plan for the workforce, including those options the client believes to be essential. Our commitment to service is a part of any plan. Countrywide lawyers are close by and an unlimited number of telephone calls on a given situation or permitted. Face-to-face consultations are easy to arrange, and Countrywide lawyers are known for excellent personal skills. Nobody has to wait indefinitely for service. We streamline our administration to make sure what is needed is delivered quickly.

Nobody wants to exclude love ones accidentally from the estate settlement. Regrettably, it could happen if an updated will is not in the records. A situation where an old will is enforced is going to leave a lot of bitterness in the family. Countrywide wants to help clients and people avoid that difficulty. We have other options an organization may consider to be part of any plan. Please feel free to contact us about what we can do for your organization

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