Legal Document Review is a Worthwhile Benefit Countrywide Checks the Wording

fine-print-200x300Society has an orderly process that legal documents help manage. Leases, warranties, and licenses are all papers that guide daily living. Trouble can arise when documents are misunderstood. Many group legal plans provide services for reviewing legal documents. It is an essential pre-paid legal services benefit for many reasons.

Spotting Invalid Papers

Some landlords want to avoid having to pay legal fees. Instead of paying a lawyer to draft a lease, these property owners will use a copy of an existing lease. The problem is that it may be an out-of-state document that is invalid. The lease might also insist the signer waive certain rights that the state guarantees (E. G. Arbitration clauses that are inconsistent with the state’s tenant/landlord laws). An experienced lawyer will quickly discover such issues by doing a legal document review.

Unreasonable Obligations

A legal document such as a warranty might stipulate certain conditions before the terms are honored. These restrictions can be buried in the clauses. The signer may not understand legal vocabulary and sign an almost worthless warranty out of ignorance.

Promote Productivity

A poorly worded document might contain redundant terms system or unnecessary procedures. A lawyer will spot these potential problems and draw attention to them. This effort makes it easier to revise the document and make it easier to fulfill the terms.

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services knows the value of reviewing legal documents. This activity is not only vital for organizations but is also essential for ordinary people. We have a legal document review as a benefit for our group legal plan.

How It Works

The nationwide network of Countrywide lawyers provides our pre-paid legal services. There is one located in every community where there is a Countrywide client, and our group legal plan members receive priority attention.

The Countrywide lawyer can review a document up to six pages long which is enough for most situations. A plan member briefed on the content, and if changes are required, our attorney will show where the work is needed.


Secondary Help with Legal Document Review

Countrywide pre-paid legal services are comprehensive. Secondary services will support the primary ones. Attorneys can write letters and make telephone calls on behalf of a plan member. Such communication helps clarify a document’s meaning. Plan members may contact a lawyer after a conference and ask as many questions as they want on a given subject. The member is not billed for the extra guidance.

The Client Is There

A Countrywide group legal plan is designed to fit a client’s needs. We do not know the client’s employees, and we asked decision-makers to help us. Countrywide explains benefit options and the client will decide which benefits will be in their plan. We give administration and plan member services that are amazing.

We do wish to point out that our attorneys are not stern lecturers. We can appreciate that it is not easy for anyone to speak with an attorney, and we make things as convenient as possible. Countrywide lawyers practice social distancing, and we will make any meeting as safe as practicable.

Countrywide feels that empathy is a primary service to give every plan member. Countrywide attorneys are known for their listening skills and their ability to communicate with people.

The emotional intelligence of a countrywide lawyer is far above average. Their sensitivity is why so many of our clients are very satisfied with the work that Countrywide provides for them. We place the group legal plan member and the client at the center of all our activities. It is our goal to satisfy their needs.

If you have any questions about Countrywide, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We are ready to answer any questions, and we welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can help you. We are there to help your employees.