Leveling the Mountain- You Can Take Control of All Debt


Few people can be accused of spendthrift habits. Most do the best they can to economize and keep expenses down. A sudden shock can disrupt financial wellness. A mountain of debt can, without warning, spring up.

Debt Rises from Various Places

College graduates know how this happens. The grace period on their college debt ends and they confront five and six-figure loan debts. A medical emergency may require paying off a high deductible. Other sudden expenses could max out a credit card. None of this is caused by irresponsible spending but financial wellness is threatened.

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services recognizes the anxiety and frustration these people experience. We have offered employee benefits to organizations for over 30 years and we want to solve their problems. The Countrywide financial wellness plan is designed to assist people in handling their debt mountain.

The Value of Service

We have a nationwide network of certified counselors. They are committed to providing the best financial help and guidance. Many people are shocked by that because they do not have a working budget. We can fix that. The counselor does the budget analysis to get a picture of income expenses. This professional will then help a financial wellness plan member build a workable budget.

The budget doesn’t need to be a drastic cost cutter. Many times, it simply requires some adjustments to existing spending habits. Credit card balances can be paid off and college debt financed with reasonable monthly payments. Many consumers don’t know creditors are willing to work with them. Countrywide will show how this is done.

Debt causes people to make drastic, often ill-advised, financial decisions. Overuse of forbearance, bankruptcy filings, and ignoring the debt payments entirely are some of the worst. The Countrywide counselor will help people avoid these poor choices and the consequences.

Nevertheless, desperate situations will require focused action. There are those whose debt conditions are out of control. Countrywide rises to the occasion with our Debt Management Plan. The services include ongoing customer service, help with developing a financial plan, and advice on how to renegotiate loans with creditors. This benefit costs a bit more, but it is worth every penny.



We Concentrate on Quality

The quality of service is reflected in both our administrative work and those attributes we insist every certified counselor possess. Our administration is streamlined so that people receive assistance as soon as possible. We do not want anyone to wait an unreasonable length of time, and they do not.  Our certified counselors are close. Getting an appointment for a meeting is easy.

Emotional intelligence is a criterion for being accepted as a counselor in the Countrywide network. Talking about budget is embarrassing for some people and we do not want anyone to feel ashamed. Our counselors work with ordinary people every day. These professionals know how to make a person feel comfortable and respond to questions. It is essential to remember that Countrywide seeks solutions and not an opportunity to lecture anyone.

Employers want their staff concentrating on goals and objectives. Financial problems are very distracting and divert focus away from business. Our financial wellness program is something that helps an employee worry less about personal budgets. They can concentrate more freely on the business at hand. Decision-makers want a good return on investment and we make that easy to do.

Our clients may choose what options are going to be part of their plan. It permits them to structure a benefit that best suits the needs of the employees. That flexibility is something that all our clients like. The employees also appreciate the help Countrywide provides.

If you have questions about our financial wellness program, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We will answer your questions and show you how what we have is perhaps one of the most usable benefits you could offer your employees.