Making a Solid Case

Small Claims Won’t be a Nightmare


People enjoy watching court television shows, but very few people are going to be in such situations. The reason is not just that many cases are negotiated before trial; most issues are handled at the lower level of the judicial system. Small Claims Court is where many people will have their proverbial day in court. You will not have a lawyer at your side, but a good group legal plan can provide the right type of help.

Small claims cases are ordinarily no more than $5000 in value. These can be disputes over property or issues about a purchase. Individual ordinarily would not have an attorney in court with him or her. Instead, a person has to present the case. It is why the other party is rarely worried.

Working through the Process

It is understandable that a person gets frustrated putting together all the information for the small claims court case. Not knowing what to do makes people hesitate. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a nationwide network of highly competent attorneys. These are the people who will help in preparing the case. Lawyers will also give advice on how to present the facts and evidence in front of the bench. The Countrywide group legal plan member is thus equipped to argue the case.

A plaintiff may win the case, but it does not matter too much. The reason is that small claims court does not have the staff to pursue the settlement. The plaintiff must do that. Fortunately, Countrywide has some secondary pre-paid legal services available. The attorney can provide additional assistance to help get the money.

Face-to-Face Consultation

A lawyer is in the community makes it easy to set up a face-to-face consultation if the plan member needs one. The lawyer will explain what should be included in the evidence and suggest ways of how to present the facts. If there any additional questions, the group legal plan member has the right to make an unlimited number of telephone calls to the attorney for the given situation.

The Countrywide lawyer will show the plan member how to fill out the paperwork necessary to garnish wages. This legal professional will also explain other means of getting the cash settlement awarded by the court. The plaintiff finds out about this from the letters sent by the Countrywide attorney. Also, telephone calls can be made to this person these are all reasons why the plaintiff finally accepts the decision pays the amount.

We have successfully worked with organizations since 1987 to provide superior pre-paid legal services. Despite this record, Countrywide realizes that it is the client who can best decide what is needed by the workforce. We do not try to push a boilerplate benefits plan on anyone. We ask the client to tell us what the organization needs for the employees. This could be help with a small claims court case, writing a simple will, or help with understanding legal documents. Those are some of the pre-paid legal benefit options we have. Client decision-makers can investigate all our options and decide which ones they want. These requested options will be part of the final plan document.

Countrywide guarantees to plan members superior service. We streamline our administration to make it easier to get what is needed. Every Countrywide lawyer has the kind of personal skills and empathy required to help a plan member. We expect this of anyone who works with us to provide group legal plan benefits.

A person can win in small claims and get the settlement that is awarded by the court. Countrywide can provide valuable assistance. As mentioned above, we have benefit options that can make life a lot easier for employees. We would welcome any opportunity to explain all we can do. Decision-makers are encouraged to contact us and ask as many questions as they wish. We look forward to the opportunity to provide answers.