Managing the Bitter Medicine You Can Do It!

debt-relief-pill-300x255Bankruptcy is not always caused by reckless spending. There are situations when credit card abuse does not play a part in a person’s downfall. It can take a significant bill or a series of major expenses to cause a collapse.

The Price of Healing


Medical bills are a major cause of bankruptcy. Surgery will create trouble, but medication is a serious cost creator. Many life-sustaining drugs are expensive, and health insurance will not cover all the costs. As a result, an individual gradually sinks deeper into debt, trying to stay alive.


Large medical payments can jeopardize financial wellness. Employees can be placed at risk, particularly those who are middle-aged. Adjusting the health insurance to address medical bills might not be economically feasible. Organizations can, however, help by providing the proper assistance. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a financial wellness plan to assist with medical debt.


Nationwide Networks


Countrywide uses certified counselors to provide guidance. We have counselors registered with us all over the country, and there is one in the community of every Countrywide client. In addition, it is easy to schedule a conference because our financial wellness plan members have priority status.


Thinking Outside the Box


Our counselors help all kinds of people with their medical debt situations. It means that these professionals can craft advice centered on the person and not just demographics. In addition, they will not hesitate to think outside the box and recommend means of lightening the burden.


For example, few people know about manufacturer/patient assistance programs (MAPS). These can help a person better manage pharmaceutical costs. Strategies on how to renegotiate a medical bill or check for billing errors are other pieces of advice that a Countrywide counselor will not hesitate to share with the financial wellness plan member. The No Surprises Act 2022 is intended to prevent people from being hit with unexpected bills for emergency services. Our counselors can explain what the law means.


A Countrywide essential service is anxiety reduction. Our counselor can suggest how a plan member can avoid making panic payments and develop reasonable schedules for managing the debt.



Additional Support


It is sad, but medical debt drives some people to the point of bankruptcy. Countrywide can go the extra mile for them. We have a Debt Management Plan intentionally designed to help those in dire straits. It costs a little extra, but the additional counseling and special services justify the expense.


Any financial wellness plan member facing bankruptcy can count on Countrywide help. We provide the education and counseling required to get out of bankruptcy successfully.


The Client Is Consulted


Our financial wellness benefit is meant to help all employees. First, we tailor a client’s plan to meet the expressed needs of the workforce. Then, we ask a prospective client to help us do that.


The management is briefed on our benefit options, and we answer all their questions. The decision-makers then choose what services will be in their Countrywide plan. We will furnish the administration and member services.


We also furnish something else that people in financial trouble desperately need: empathy. People rarely self-destruct because of financial difficulty due to outside circumstances. Nevertheless, many are embarrassed to talk about their financial situation. Our counselors understand this reluctance. They respect the individual case and seek to give answers and not lectures. Everyone who works with a Countrywide counselor will feel the respect and courtesy they receive. We insist on emotional intelligence and compassion for our plan members. Counselors who do not make sure that will not be working for us.


If you want to know more about our services, please get in touch with us at your earliest convenience. Medical debt can be frightening, but we will gladly explain how the Countrywide plan enables an employee to face the bills calmly and pay them responsibly.