Navigating the Regulations Madness – We Help Navigate the Maze

stockfresh_3802975_legal-advice-road-sign-illustration-design-over-a-white-backgrou_sizeXS-300x140The coronavirus pandemic is an emergency that is causing citizens to turn to government agencies for help. The anxiety these folks have is only increased by the frustration they experience in dealing with public bureaucracies.

Attempts were to make things easier and the CARES Act is helping with unemployment compensation filing. However, there are still rules and regulations that government agencies are required to follow. Public servants are not deliberately unresponsive, but they must follow mandated procedures. Group legal plans need to be able to help people deal with the red tape. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers help with government agencies as a benefit option.

Dealing with Delays

A major irritation is the amount of delay. A citizen wants quick service but must wait in line or hope that the telephone call will eventually be answered. It gets worse when a person goes through  the process to discover he or she has the wrong information and needs to start all over again. Not knowing what to do is a significant source of delay. We can help end the wait.

Countrywide uses a national network of attorneys to provide group legal plan benefits. We have our lawyers located in the communities where our client organizations are based. A group legal plan member gets priority attention and arranging a meeting with a countrywide lawyer is quick and easy.

Advice in Dealing with Government Agencies

It is important to remember that the better prepared you are beforehand, the faster you will get government service. Countrywide attorneys deal with public agencies all the time and are familiar with the rules and regulations. They can point out to a plan member what needs to be collected and organize ahead of time. The attorney will also help in filling out an application, making sure that required additional data is included.

Knowing who to approach is often the best way to eliminate the lanes. It happens too often that someone will go to a state agency only to be told that the local government agency is the right place. Countrywide lawyers understand the process of walking through the cubicle maze. They will direct a plan member to the right agency and the right person to see. The lawyer can also suggest when might be the best time to approach a public agency. Believe it or not, there are times of day when service is a little bit faster.

Our pre-paid legal services also include some secondary services. A Countrywide attorney can make telephone calls and write letters on official stationery for the plan member. Such communication can gather further necessary information and clarify to an agency what the group legal plan member needs. These are ways to expedite the process.

We Involve the Client

Countrywide’s primary objective is to offer pre-paid legal services to as many people in the client organization as possible. We achieve this by asking the client which benefit options will be part of the pre-paid legal services plan. Decision-makers will look at our benefits and we explain all of them in detail. The selections are made and will be included in the final plan document. We have a streamlined administration that assures people they will receive needed help as soon as possible. Countrywide lawyers are well known for their emotional intelligence. Every plan member is treated with courtesy and respect. No question is considered stupid or irrelevant.

It is incredible how so many employers step forward to help their workers during this time of crisis. Some companies decided to pay health insurance premiums and others have helped with financial assistance. Countrywide suggests that our group legal plan, with assistance in dealing with government agencies as a benefit, is a step that a company can take to help employees further. We believe that we can assist anyone in resolving common legal problems and we give excellent advice. Please feel free to contact us at your convenience to find out more about what Countrywide can do to help your people.