Preparing for Surgery

The Legal Paperwork is Critical



Hospital surgery is not something to be terrified about. Advances in technology, anesthesia, and necessary medical procedures make a trip to the hospital much safer than many years ago. However, there is still the chance something could go wrong. Failure to prepare can make it even worse.

The hospital is committed to keeping a person alive unless instructed to do otherwise. It means that life support systems maintain individual. It may not be what the patient wants, but if there is no authorization the life support continues indefinitely.

A reaction to anesthesia or a certain procedure could result in an individual becoming comatose That’s a dangerous situation if there are no instructions on what to do. A group legal plan that allows for medical powers of attorney is essential.

Avoiding a Catastrophe

The benefit of medical powers of attorney is twofold. It lets the plan member know that his or her wishes are going to be carried out should a disaster happen. The family and survivors also benefit. They do not have to go through long periods of anxiety, hoping for a miracle that might not ever happen. The person with the medical powers of attorney needs to be someone that can be trusted to follow through. Having this person make decisions clears up any problems or anxieties resulting from a medical crisis.

This is an Important Paper

Countrywide understands the significance of this document. There can be no misunderstanding or mistakes. Our attorneys are recruited based on their legal expertise. They’re professionals, and they know what needs to be in medical powers of attorney.

If a group legal plan member does not understand, one of our pre-paid legal services is a face-to-face conference with a lawyer. We also allow for as many telephone calls a given situation as needed. This all helps educate the plan member and allows this person to make the right decisions.

Legal knowledge is necessary, but it is not enough in providing excellent pre-paid legal services. Our nationwide network is expected to go the extra mile. A countrywide lawyer has a high level of empathy and respect. This person knows how emotional such a document can be. Everything is done to comply with an individual’s feelings. All questions are answered until the plan member feels satisfied. It is a standard part of our pre-paid legal services.

Clients Make Their Wishes Known

Drafting medical powers of attorney’s report is a great pre-paid legal services benefit but not for everyone. Some organizations feel that other benefits are more important for their employees. Countrywide respects this and allows clients to select what will be part of their Countrywide plan. We have a variety of benefits such as review of contracts, drafting of simple wills, and consumer protection advice. Any of these can provide substantial assistance for employees. No matter what is in the final plan design, we guarantee superior service. Our group legal plan administration is deliberately streamlined to provide active assistance. The human touch which Countrywide lawyers are noted for having is always going to be there. Priority is given to Countrywide plan members, and our attorneys are aware of that.

Surgeries are not as risky as they were many years ago. However, there are strong reasons to be prudent and cautious. Medical powers of attorney guarantee that the type of treatment you want will be provided when you’re comatose. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services provides the kind of help a person needs in drafting this document.

We have other benefits that are there to help in a sudden emergency. A person may need help with a small claims court case; we can provide it. Our benefits are open to inspection by anyone who is curious. We encourage decision-makers to find out more about a Countrywide group legal plan by contacting us at their earliest convenience.