Preparing for the Court

Assistance with Evidence is appreciated


The title shouldn’t fool anybody. Small claims court does not necessarily mean that trivial things are considered before the bench. People will sue in small claims courts and while there are states that limit the amount to $5000 or less, there are others such as Tennessee that permit up to $25,000. What stands out in small claims court is that the attorney is typically not present in the courtroom. An individual will present his or her case alone. That can be very daunting for many people and a group legal plan that provides for advice and assistance is something very worthwhile.

Preparation Of Evidence
A needed service to get ready for small claims court is preparation of the evidence to be presented. A layman does not always understand what evidence is important and an attorney can help organize information. Another obstacle are the rules and regulations that govern small claims court cases. They can be different from one jurisdiction to another. Group legal services which interpret the procedures for an individual can expedite all of the work. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services includes in its Personal Legal Protector Plan an option that will allow for advice in preparation of small claims matters.

It goes beyond just getting the facts ready. A Countrywide attorney will be providing advice on what to expect, and what problems could jeopardize a group legal plan members chances in court. A person could win a small claims case but the court will not do anything to help secure the judgment. It is up to the individual to do that. Here is where the group legal services offered by Countrywide can be extremely beneficial. A Countrywide attorney will help with the filing necessary paperwork to secure from the defendant what is owed. This could include garnishment of wages or placing a lien against the defendant’s property. A Countrywide attorney will do what is necessary to help, and that includes writing letters and making telephone calls on behalf of the plan member. The chances of obtaining what is rightfully due are greatly enhanced by this dedication to service.

High-Quality Administration And Flexibility

We do not want anyone who is a member of the Countrywide group legal plan to be tangled up in administrative trivia. It is why our benefit administration is made as simple as practicable. Our attorneys are well known for their client’s sensitive skills and our administration has a reputation for efficiency. This is a combination that human resources directors will find very attractive. The high level of competence assures employees will get value plus service from Countrywide.

Countrywide has designed group legal services benefits since 1987. We have worked with all types of organizations of the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. It goes without saying that each organization has its own special needs and we respond to. The design of our legal plans is deliberately flexible. Whatever options the organization wants in their particular plan is what will be there. We do not offer one size fits all boilerplate benefits. Of course, what is a general quality found in all of our plans is a commitment to offering the very best service to any member. Our reputation is based on that and it is why so many clients express their deep satisfaction.
We take a great deal of pride in offering as many options as possible. It allows clients to have a wide selection of what they want to have in their own group legal plan. We have some special benefits such as credit monitoring and ID theft that may be of special interest. We are more than willing to discuss these in greater detail with any prospective client. We encourage interested parties to get in touch with us and ask as many questions as possible about our group legal services.

We welcome the opportunity to be a provider of superior legal services to any organization. Contact us today!