Preparing for the Worst Preparation Stops Money Issues

Emergency-300x200Everyone is breathing a sigh of relief these days. It seems the worst of COVID-19 has moved on, and business and public life are more open and more unrestrained. It is only natural to feel more relaxed, but we are not out of the woods. There are stories and rumors of new variants of COVID-19 surfacing, and they are disturbing. We all know the damage a pandemic quarantine can bring to a household.

No one wants to be taken by surprise. Planning, preparing for what could be the worst, is the best strategy. Employees must look at their finances and figure out ways to deal with possible restrictions a second pandemic might bring. Those who have significant credit card balances must reduce those balances, and other people must think about financing medical treatments. Wise employers are aware of the need for expert help. They also know that employees greatly appreciate the help. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has an excellent employee benefit that addresses financial wellness.

Great Advice from Seasoned Professionals

Planning is a sensible way to be ready, but not everyone knows how to protect financial wellness. The primary provider of our services is a nationwide network of certified counselors. These money experts deal with everyday financial worries and are ready to assist a plan member. There is a Countrywide counselor in every Countrywide client community, and it is easy to schedule a meeting.

A reasonable budget is key to financial wellness. A Countrywide counselor will do a budget analysis for a plan member. That exercise uncovers the spending habits of a plan member. Our counselor will review the data and make recommendations based on the numbers. Then, working with the financial wellness plan member, the counselor develops a workable budget. The finished product permits a person to manage current expenses and prepare for future ones.

Paying Down the Balances

Regrettably, many were caught flat-footed when the 2020 COVID-19 quarantines hit. These poor souls had sizable credit card balances and other expenses. So, the debt mountain might still be there. However, paying down those balances is a great way to address the problem, and there are different strategies.

Credit card debt is negotiable depending on the financial sponsor. A Countrywide financial wellness counselor knows how to approach those establishments, what kind of data they need, and what outcomes can be reasonably be expected from the effort. Such information is shared with a plan member.

There are people whose financial situation is bordering on crisis. Countrywide comes to the rescue with a Debt Management Plan. This is an exceptional service that includes focused strategies on how to get out of debt and what to do to avoid foreclosure or bankruptcy. We want to remind folks that this benefit costs a bit more, but the positive results are certainly worth it.

Working Together as Partners

We have benefit options that will address all kinds of financial issues. Countrywide needs to be sure that whatever we offer can be used by all the employees. We can reach that objective alone, and we turn to the client’s decision-makers for help.

Countrywide invites a prospective client to review all our financial wellness services. We will explain all the benefit options and point out how each one will help employees. Countrywide encourages questions, and we will answer them. The decision-makers will select those services they want as part of their plan. We will include the choices in the final document. Countywide will provide administration.

We also provide superior member services. Our counselors must be good listeners and sympathetic advisers, or they will not work with us. If you are interested in what we offer and want to find out about us, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We welcome any chance to speak with you.