Preserving the Family

A family is the bedrock of society but it is also incredibly fragile. Issues such as adoption, child custody, divorce, and child abuse can roil a domestic situation and create stresses that are unique because they are so personal. Family related matters touch a person far more deeply than property concerns and worry about the relationships between children and relatives are not just distracting; they can be devastating.

The damage is more than just to the individual. Diminished productivity and high rates of absenteeism resulting from family related problems has cost corporate America billions of dollars. Family law in the state of New York is codified under the Domestic Relations section of the Consolidated Laws. The articles show fairly standard definitions such as adoptions, marriages, and the various actions required for child custody and divorce among others. What a person has to remember is that no law is ever completely cast in stone. Indeed, every session of the New York Legislature can result in changes to various subsections of family law and these changes, however subtle, could cause possible distress for an employee. A basic lack of understanding and the sheer complexity of some of the regulations can cause considerable frustration. Family law is definitely an area where no one should try to be his or her own attorney, and those who attempt to do that create major headaches for themselves.

The damage of trying to do it alone is not limited to just the individual. The distractions brought on by these domestic issues have many times resulted in deadlines not being met. Employee assistance programs have been initiated to help employees deal with domestic crisis that could flare up. These help, but for many there still remain legal issues that are above and beyond what a counselor can provide in New York. Group legal plan benefits offered by an employee sensitive company can help reduce a great deal of family related stress issues.

The ability to get legal advice from an attorney takes a heavy stone from a person’s shoulders. It means that person is better able to direct attention towards work on the desk and projects that have to be completed on time. The last thing a company needs is a sudden drop in productivity due to a family issue that arose unexpectedly. Having a group legal plan in place can help keep skilled employees focused on the task at hand, knowing that family issues are being handled by seasoned professionals.

Countrywide Pre-paid Legal Services can assist any employer in New York. Group legal plan coverage helps all employees deal with domestic problems that may require legal opinions or even litigation to resolve. Working with the client, Countrywide can develop a highly usable group legal plan that can be offered on a voluntary basis (which is not that high since group rates are charged); one with a premium is shared between employee and employer, or one that the employer pays for entirely. It is whatever the client would like to have happen.