Providing the Best Service Countrywide Does That for Everyone

stockfresh_5987416_customer-relationship_sizeS-300x200A lot goes into providing high-quality employee benefits. A program can have a primary selection of benefits that will draw employees’ attention, but that is often all. There has to be more to convince employees that a given benefit is worthwhile.

A good employee benefit needs additional secondary services that enhance the offerings. These can make service delivery more convenient, effective, and deeply appreciated by the employees. Group legal plans all offer some essential options. Some, unfortunately, do not give anything more than bare-bones service. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is not like that at all.

We Back up All of Our Benefits

Countrywide appreciates the need to add a little extra to what we offer. Every group legal plan provides the drafting of simple wills, but not every vendor will send a reminder so that people can update the beneficiaries. Legal document review might be limited only to a few things, such as apartment leases. Many of these restrictions are intended to keep the plan’s cost as low as possible. Our response to that is that if the quality is poor, then the benefit is almost worthless.

Some of our additional services include an unlimited number of telephone calls on a specific question, letters written, and telephone calls made on behalf of the group legal plan member. These pre-paid legal services come with our benefit regardless of any of the core services. We also do not hesitate to do referrals if that is what is necessary. Incidentally, we insist on specific discounts on any of the referral services.

The best thing we offer is direct help. There is a Countrywide attorney located in the community of every one of our client organizations. We encourage group legal plan members to make appointments to see these legal professionals. That is a lot more than just relying on a website page.

Communication is a primary way that we enhance the quality of our services. Countrywide attorneys have a deep understanding of the law, but that is not enough for us. We will also recruit attorneys based on proven emotional intelligence. In other words, a Countrywide lawyer must be able to listen patiently and empathize. We are not interested in an attorney who cannot speak one-on-one with the plan members.

Clients Have the Final Say

None of our group legal plan benefits are boilerplate phenomena. We want to tailor a program to fit a given client’s needs, which means there are going to be variations between plans. Our objective is to provide something that every employee can use. Here is how we make that possible.

We engage with the decision-makers of the prospective client organization. We explain all our benefits in detail, pointing out the value each one has for the average employee. We encourage questions and answer them thoroughly, knowing that the more information we provide, the better the final decisions will be. Management will then decide on those pre-paid legal services, which will be a part of the organization’s specific plan. We incorporate them in the final document, and Countrywide will provide the client’s plan administration and member services. We maintain transparent and open communication with all clients. We desire to have a relationship that lasts and gives five-star quality attention to every plan member.

We have not mentioned all the pre-paid legal services options that we have. We assure you that every one of them will address a common legal issue an employee might encounter. We also want to stress that our plan members have priority status with the Countrywide lawyer; getting an appointment to see one is simple. If you have any questions about us, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We are ready to explain the Countrywide advantage to you