Selecting the Right Plan That Guarantees Employee Acceptance

employee-benefits-300x207Employees are getting a little picky when it comes to employee benefits these days. They know that retention and productivity are essential for their employer’s success, and the right benefits plan will assure both. Workers don’t want window dressing; they want benefits that will help them. An inadequate benefits package will send good employees packing for a better job.

Assistance with common legal issues is a benefit many employees would like to have. Group legal plans must have certain features to pass the test with an organization’s staff. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a group legal plan benefit with features that make it very attractive.

The Benefit Options

Our plan contains the pre-paid legal services that an average person could use. We provide services such a writing simple wills, helping with consumer protection issues, reviewing legal documents, and advising on warranties, among other forms of assistance. Working on legal issues that ordinary people face is our specialty.

Being Available to Members

Countrywide does not rely on templates and chat rooms. We believe that direct service is the best way to help group legal plan members. We have a nationwide network of attorneys who will provide the pre-paid legal services. Our operations are such that we have an attorney in every community where there is a Countrywide client. Our plan members are given priority status. That means a meeting with a Countrywide attorney is easy to arrange.

People have a legitimate concern about health and safety. Countrywide respects that, and so do our lawyers. Those legal professionals practice social distancing and have established safety protocols. As a result, everyone will be secure when working with a Countrywide attorney.

A Little Extra

Member satisfaction increases whenever there are a few more services provided. Countrywide will give a little bit extra for all group legal plan members. These secondary benefits include:

  • An unlimited number of telephone calls to the attorney on specific matters.
  • Telephone calls and letters written on legal stationery by the attorney.
  • Referral services at attractive fee discounts.
  • Annual reminders to upgrade simple wills.

We want to point out that our pre-paid legal services often complement each other. For example, legal document review can expose problems with a person’s last will. Countrywide can review the document and draft a new will if both benefits are in the plan document.

Clients are Always Involved

The acceptance of any employee benefit rests with the plan members. We do not know what an organization’s employees want or need, and we ask a prospective client to help. Decision-makers are requested to look at our benefit options to see which ones will best fit the needs of their employees. They make the choices, and those are included in the plan document. Countrywide will provide the administration and the member services.

A Major Countrywide Quality

Many employees are nervous or embarrassed about working with an attorney. It is not easy to share issues that are personal with a stranger, and we understand. Our lawyers are well versed in the law, but they are also sympathetic professionals. They will listen carefully to what a plan member needs before making any suggestions. We want to solve problems and not create new ones. Accordingly, there will be no lectures or stern admonishments from us. Instead, emotional intelligence is expected from all our attorneys. Those who are unable to do that are not going to be working with Countrywide.

Employees greatly appreciate usable benefits and show their respect by staying as productive employees. Every employer wants that. If you have any questions about Countrywide or our benefits, we invite you to contact us at your earliest convenience. We welcome any chance to explain how Countrywide has the right group legal plan for your hardworking employees.