Smiling Face Via Prepaid Legal Boost Service

Jill and her husband just split up. Her income has been cut in half. She now raises three kids, all under age 10, by herself. So far this morning, she has gotten up at 5:30 and made six meals -breakfast and lunch for her children. By 7:30, she has gotten the children and herself ready for school and work. When she finally gets on the expressway to work, she gets a phone call -the oldest needs her homework dropped off at school. Now, running 10 minutes behind schedule, Jill gets on the expressway for the second time, only to have a car rear-end her. The cops come. The car needs work. By the time Jill gets to work for a half-day, her productivity is questionable. Prepaid Legal Services can help ease employee woes by helping to provide a safety net for people like Jill.

Steffani Wilk and Nancy Rothbard, professors at Ohio State University and Penn’s Wharton School respectively, conducted a study that quantifies the correlation and causation between employee mood and office productivity. In an article released by Wharton summarizing the study, the writer states,
“They discovered, the mood you bring with you to work has a stronger effect on the day’s mood — and on work performance — than mood changes caused by events in the workplace. This finding, according to Rothbard, suggests that a business’s performance might be enhanced by efforts to help employees cope with mood-affecting influences in their private lives — including advising employees on how to best handle commuting hassles or offering counseling for family problems.”

Prepaid legal services can help employees deal with everyday legal woes with ease. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services provides individuals and employers with affordable legal options. There is no minimum participation, administration fees, or claim forms -in fact, employees can opt for the benefits program via a voluntary payroll deduction.

Imagine if Jill had Countrywide on her side. Let us revisit Jill’s chaotic morning. Sure, she might still have to deal with the stresses of single parenthood, but with Countrywide’s credentialed attorney network at her disposal, her divorce could have been handled at a low cost and around her work schedule, eliminating one layer of stress. When Jill’s car got hit as she scuttled off to work, already late, she could have rest assured knowing that she had trusted experts on her side, available to help her face the legalities of the situation.

Certainly, a good managerial team wants to ensure that their employees are productive as can be. As Wilk and Rothbard suggest, an organization that does their part to improve employee moods becomes a successful organization. Prepaid legal services are an instrumental part in creating content, good workers.