The Language Can Confuse – Document Review Makes It Clear


No one can ignore legal documents. Like it or not, these papers are a part of everyone’s daily life. Legal documents are not just contracts. They can be apartment leases, product warranties, fishing licenses, and powers of attorney. These all carry levels of authority and have consequences for noncompliance.

The difficulty for an average person is in the text. Legal script is not ordinary composition. The phrases are unfamiliar and some of the words are not commonly used (e.g. sine die= without delay). Anyone can get flustered and feel nervous about signing legal papers. Group legal plans should have document review as a benefit option. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has this benefit as a group legal plan option.

Reviewed by a Professional

A customer service representative should not give pre-paid legal services. Countrywide has a nationwide network of experienced attorneys. They are the ones who will give direct service to a plan member. It is easy to contact a Countrywide attorney; at least one practices in the local community. A meeting with an attorney can easily be arranged.

The attorney will review a document and look for any obligations or requirements. This legal professional advises a group legal plan member of his or her responsibilities. The lawyer also warns the individual of penalties for noncompliance. If the document is outdated or in any other way invalid, the lawyer will inform the plan member.

Secondary Services in Our Group Legal Plan

Countrywide wants things to be convenient for plan members. Our pre-paid legal services include important activities. A plan member might forget to ask a question of the lawyer in the meeting. This is not a concern because that same person can make an unlimited number of telephone calls on a given situation to the attorney. Additional information might be necessary from the other party. Countrywide lawyers can write letters on legal stationery and make telephone calls on behalf of the plan member.

Employers Select the Options

Countrywide has provided pre-paid legal services benefits since 1987 and our clients include all kinds of organizations the respective workforces are different, and we think a boilerplate plan does not meet employee needs. We permit clients to select those benefit options they want in their group legal plan. Choice enables the benefit to provide more service to a larger percentage of the employee population.

We support all our benefit options with superior member service. Our lawyers are aware that Countrywide plan members are to receive priority attention. Our plan members are also treated as if they were longtime clients of the attorney. We will not settle for anything less because our commitment to emotional intelligence is that strong. A lawyer without good people skills is not going to be associated with us.

We want to point out that our benefits complement each other and add value to work which is done outside of a Countrywide plan. A contract or will drawn up by another attorney can be reviewed by the Countrywide lawyer for verification, which is comparable to getting a second opinion. We do recommend that a person see a Countrywide lawyer before signing any legal document. It prevents a lot of trouble from happening in the first place.

The review of legal documents helps in a world that is obsessed with paperwork. Any Countrywide plan member can ultimately sign a reviewed legal document, because he or she knows that a person who understands the law as found no problems. Of course, relieving anxiety is a major Countrywide benefit our plan members will receive.

We hope you have some questions about Countrywide and our benefit options. We would appreciate it if you contacted us and asked those questions. We are ready to provide answers and tell you more about how Countrywide benefits are some of the best your employees can have.