The Little Things Do Matter Countrywide is Here to Help

stockfresh_3433722_man-and-woman-signing-contract-paper_sizeS-e1578694746271-300x183People will sometimes think that legal services are all about jury trials. Although courtroom dramas are entertaining, most legal work is not performed in the courtroom. Instead, it is the processing of paperwork and the advice which is given by skilled professionals.


Paper abounds in the legal world. Titles deeds, wills, and notifications are significant. Group legal plans give services that might appear minor but have a considerable impact. It is indeed the small things that count in any group legal plan benefits.


The Services


Living wills, advice on dealing with government agencies, and help with warranties are everyday needs for the average employee. The value rises when these are all performed well. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services always gives the absolute best to group legal plan members.


It All Starts with the Attorney


Countrywide enlists the aid of a nationwide network of lawyers. These are people with considerable legal expertise. They are in every community where there is a Countrywide client. We carefully screen all candidates. Those who wish to work with us will need a track record of superior service. We will do more than simply check the records. 


Countrywide lawyers are expected to give our group legal plan members excellent pre-paid legal services. A Countrywide plan member is to get priority status and receive help as soon as possible. The lawyer must be willing to provide social distancing in all meetings and make an individual feel safe and secure.


Countrywide is an advocate for empathy. Attorneys are expected to give pre-paid legal services n with a human touch. It is not easy for people to discuss final wills or problems with public employees. A Countrywide attorney must have high levels of emotional intelligence to work with us. We insist on it.


The Right Tools


We make things convenient for plan members with the right service tools. Countrywide lawyers can write letters and make telephone calls on behalf on of a group legal plan member. A person can make as many phone calls as necessary to a Countrywide attorney on a given subject. Those calls are free of charge.


We understand that certain situations may need specialized attention from attorneys with unique knowledge. We will serve a plan member by making a referral in such cases. The plan member will receive a discount on fees for any referral.


The Client’s Decision


Our benefits must be there for all the employees. The only way to ensure that will happen is to enlist the help of the client. Countrywide does not know what services the employees need; management does. We explain our services to the prospective client and ask that organization to decide what options will be part of the final plan. We do not try to market one option over another. What the client wants in the plan will be there. 


Countrywide will provide the administration and the member services to support those choices. We are proud of the favorable responses we receive from current clients. We treat all their employees with courtesy and respect.


Our society is wrapped tightly with laws, rules, and regulations. People must get the attention they require from a competent attorney. All our pre-paid legal services plan members can expect excellent service from Countrywide. We do not preach sermons or give lectures. Our lawyers solve problems as quickly and effectively as possible. We go the extra mile to satisfy the needs of our plan members.


You might have some questions about our services. We would like to hear them and tell you all you want about Countrywide. We provide the kind of legal services your employees can use and will appreciate. Please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.