The Problems of Probate

The Mess can be Avoided

Close-up Of Male Judge Writing On Paper In Courtroom

You do not need a legal expert to tell you the danger of dying without a will. The world of intestate is one with problems that are as complicated as a jigsaw puzzle, and can take considerable time as a person walks through a labyrinth of probate court procedures. These are situations where a group legal plan can ease the burden. Make no mistake about it, probate problems can be enormous.

The Financial Woe

Not everybody dies with just a house and bank account as assets. There may be stock portfolios, additional property, or other financial investments which the deceased had. It becomes very complicated deciding how these are going to be distributed and who will be the beneficiary. There’s also the question of any outstanding debts. Some of these may be valid and others are not. The survivors need a number of legal services to sort out all of the financial questions, which may require filing various public agencies.

The Estate Battleground

Estates can bring out the worst in any family. People will fight over the smallest things and pieces of furniture become priceless treasures. A group legal plan can help a person write a will that gives instructions as to who gets what. Without it, the estate becomes a weapon which tears a family apart. It may take years for wounds to heal. Because there are no indications of the final distribution, any decision can be open to question. Probate court will appoint an administrator, but this person is answerable to the court. The needs of family members make no difference at all.

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has designed group legal services plans for all types of organizations. The drafting of a will is one of the primary group legal plan benefits employees will use. We believe there is more to providing assistance to plan members, and is why Countrywide will go the extra step.

Enhanced Services Are There

A Countrywide attorney will draft a will for the individual, but there is more that will be done. Any questions that a group legal plan member has regarding the will can be the subject of a telephone call or a face-to-face conference. Countrywide attorneys know that group legal services have to include client sensitive skills. It is why these legal professionals are very patient with any Countrywide plan member. Countrywide also provides a reminder service. Time causes things to change, and beneficiaries stated in the will may have to be added or dropped. An annual reminder is sent to the plan member, suggesting that the document be reviewed for any possible corrections or revisions. This helps prevent major problems cropping up at a later date.

We also understand the urgency of having a last will prepared. Countrywide attorneys give priority to group legal services plan members, and regardless of the person’s job title there is no unnecessary waiting. Service is given as quickly as possible. Countrywide streamlines its administration to make that happen. An organization may have specific needs for its employees. Countrywide does not specialize in boilerplate group legal services plans. Instead, we have a variety of legal options from which a client may choose. the final plan document will reflect the wishes of the given organization.

There is no reason for the estate to become a living hell for anyone. Having a will prepared is a very basic service legal plan benefit, and Countrywide attorneys are skilled in crafting the right words. Plan members are thus able to make sure that final wishes are respected, and the beneficiaries receive what they should. Countrywide has a selection of benefit options, and we would appreciate the opportunity to explain them. We encourage any organization thinking of providing high-quality benefits to contact us about what we have to offer.