Time is a Student Loan Thief

Superior Advice Solves the Problem

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Student loan debt seems to follow a person around like a bad habit. It isn’t just the amount of money but also the years it takes to pay off the debt. Something that happens along the way involves the time frames for both payment and accumulation of obligation. Student loans can impact financial wellness for years to come.

Caught in a Trap

And, it feels like you can’t walk out. Government student loans have a six-month grace period but after that, the money starts to be demanded. Many times a young person falls into a problem without even knowing what happens. There is a time limit for achieving a degree in some programs. Anytime a student gets closed out of a class, it means extra time which is counted against the limitations. Additional debt in the form of interest payments can occur if it takes longer than the allotted time to graduate. Subsidies that are part of many federal programs can be impacted if a student accidentally goes below full-time status. It all seems to be one major trap. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is sensitive to the student loan crisis. We offer a financial wellness program which helps address the situation.

We Make Use of Certified Counselors

No one needs to have amateur advice from self-appointed experts. Countrywide has a nationwide network of certified counselors who understand student debt. They will sit down with the financial wellness plan member and go over all of the ways to manage the payments. This includes the means by which a student loan balance can be reduced through various options. A young person does have to have the ways to finance the debt, and the counselor will help with any applications needed to help pay. Countrywide has a debt management plan option which might be what an individual needs. There is a fee included, but the service provider is well worth that small cost.

The Employer Will Also Benefit

Millennials need assistance and will view favorably any organization which offers a financial wellness plan. This type of benefit shows that the organization is concerned, and willing to provide necessary assistance. Loyalty is generated by such empathy, and there is one further advantage to be derived. College graduates with a high level of skills may have paid considerable amounts to earn that degree. A financial wellness plan can be used as a recruiting device to track these highly talented, but debt-burdened, candidates.

Countrywide has several options, but we understand that not every type of assistance is relevant to an organization’s workforce. We want to be sure that every benefit we provide is used by all employees in the company. It is why we allow the client to tell us what option will be in the final plan document. Employees are better served because management knows more than we do about the demographics. Countrywide provides the service, and we see to it people get what they need as soon as possible. Nobody is asked to wait for assistance from one of the certified counselors. We insist that our plan members get priority attention from those who work with us.

A Major Problem is Resolved

You cannot blame a college graduate from feeling overwhelmed by student loan payments. Many are facing costs that will extend out for 10 or more years. Those organizations which can provide some assistance their employees are more productive and willing to stay much longer with the employer. Countrywide offers what is a win-win situation for both the management and the workers. Any organization which has questions about our financial wellness program to contact us as soon as possible. We are willing to go over all of what we have to offer, and welcome the opportunity to do so.