Warranties are Meant to Work Countrywide Will Make Them Work

vacation-rental-home-warranty-300x300-300x300Appliances such as refrigerators or washing machines are expensive to buy and expensive to fix. People will purchase warranties from the manufacturer to protect their wallets from repair expenses. When one of those appliances breaks down, the warranty ought to cover most, if not all, of the repairs. It does not always happen.


Some manufacturers are not willing to follow the terms of the warranty, while others provide horrible customer service. Group legal plans cover a range of services, but not all of them are going to help with warranty disputes. Countrywide Pre-Paid legal services include help with warranties as a benefit for group legal plan members.


Applying Consumer Strategy


A national network of attorneys gives Countrywide service. These legal professionals understand problems that may arise with enforcement of a warranty, and they are here to help a plan member get precisely what was paid for in purchasing that warranty. It does not always mean a dramatic day in court.


Sometimes, a plan member must use a little strategy to get what is needed. A Countrywide attorney will make some suggestions. Customer service is not always the best when it comes to warranty resolution; the call center worker might be a little stubborn. An example of getting proper action is to complain about service on a consumer board such as Yelp. Companies follow these consumer boards and a carefully worded post of dissatisfaction could get the manufacturer to respond proactively.


Emergencies will not wait, and an individual may have to pay for repairs before the warranty is invoked. A Countrywide lawyer will remind a person to save all repair receipts and present them to the manufacturer. If there’s other information needed to enforce the warranty, our attorney will look at the warranty itself and find out what is required. Warranty help is not the only Countrywide pre-paid legal services benefit.


Consumer Protection


Countrywide attorneys will assist an unhappy group legal plan member with filing a consumer protection complaint. Manufacturers who will not honor their warranty can be in for a very nasty surprise. They do not think that an ordinary consumer will go through the consumer protection process, but a Countrywide plan member can do that. Our attorneys are willing to go one step further.


As a standard pre-paid legal services benefit, Countrywide permits an attorney to make telephone calls and draft letters on letterhead stationery. This communication with a warranty provider can change things drastically. Attitudes change when it is discovered that a lawyer is involved.



With the Help of the Client


Countrywide helps employees deal with everyday legal problems. We do more than just warranty help and consumer protection. We want to make sure that every client’s employee can use our group legal plan benefits. The only way we can guarantee that is with help from the client.


We ask decision-makers to decide what pre-paid legal services will be in their plan document. We provide the administrative services needed to get help to employees. Clients can be assured that their employees are going to be treated with respect. We insist that our attorneys have excellent people skills in addition to legal expertise.


It is always a good idea to have a warranty inspected before a consumer buys it. We urge that all our plan members do that. Our attorneys will be glad to investigate the paperwork and determine what the manufacturer is obligated to do. After that is done, we are ready to provide any help if the warranty is not being honored.


We welcome any opportunity to explain our services to a prospective client. If you are interested in what we have to offer your employees, please feel free to call us at your convenience. We are ready to answer all your questions.