When It Is Necessary Referrals are Part of Our Services

stockfresh_4514580_referrals-3d-words-connected-arrows-new-customers-word-of-mouth_sizeS-300x300Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is proud of the assistance we give the employees of our client organizations. Our nationwide network of attorneys offers help in resolving common legal issues that people encounter, and these legal experts always show an elevated level of emotional intelligence and empathy. However, we do admit there are times when a plan member’s needs go beyond what we can do for them.


Some areas of the law, such as immigration, adoption, or personal injury, require specialized attention. Attorneys proficient in various legal niches spent considerable time learning the nuances of their specialties. As a result, they often charge higher fees. Countrywide will not hesitate to refer a plan member outside our network if the need arises.


Not to Worry


Going outside of our network does not mean going outside of our rules. We expect those attorneys to whom we refer people to provide specific discounts for our group legal plan members. A 25% discount on hourly and schedule rates is expected, and those lawyers will give contingency fee cases a 10% discount from the standard contingency percentages.


We trust these outside attorneys, but we do expect accountability. We ask for a detailed fee schedule ahead of time to ensure that members receive a reduced fee. There are no hidden costs or expenses. Those attorneys who will not comply with these expectations will not be working with us.


Furthermore, we want those same attorneys to show the same level of courtesy and respect that we expect from lawyers in our network. Our group legal plan members are to be prioritized, and we anticipate that every referral will be treated well. We admit we set high standards and we feel our plan members are worth it.


We Furnish Excellent Pre-Paid Legal Services


Countrywide has assisted organizations of all sizes for over 30 years. We have a network attorney in the community of every client organization, and that person is ready to provide superior pre-paid legal services. We hope we can provide a benefit that every client’s employee may use. We take steps to ensure that happens.


We discuss with the prospective client the pre-paid legal services Countrywide provides. We hope the executives have questions for us and we provide complete answers. After we have explained our benefits, we ask the prospective client to choose those options they want for their Countrywide benefit.


We understand that the organization will not select all our services. That is fine with us. However, we think it is essential that only those services that a client’s workforce needs ought to be part of a group legal plan document. 


Once the selections have been made, we will include those benefit options in the final plan document. In addition, Countrywide will provide streamlined administration and member services. Finally, we make a point of keeping close and transparent communication with our clients.


We Take a Comprehensive Approach


Countrywide wants to provide a comprehensive benefit, and that means offering referrals if the situation requires specialized knowledge. Our benefits, such as drafting simple wills and consumer protection assistance, are the services most people need. Not all group legal plans offer our services


We also have secondary benefits to provide. Plan members can contact a Countrywide attorney with as many questions as necessary on a given issue without being charged. We also allow the attorneys to write letters and make telephone calls on behalf of a plan member. Reminders are set out to those people for whom we have drafted a simple will. Everything is done to make the use of our services as convenient and positive as possible.


Would you like to know more about what we have available? If so, please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience. We would welcome any opportunity to discuss our group legal plan benefits with you.