Working with the Public Sector It Takes Intelligent Effort

stockfresh_6779024_person-hand-over-social-security-disability-claim-form_sizeS-300x200Many people get upset with government agencies. Whenever help is needed, there is some excuse not to give it. The delays and red tape make people give up on applying for government help.

That is not the best idea. There are services available from Social Security or the Veterans Administration that will make life easier. Family members who need special assistance, such as health aides or tutors, are worth going the extra mile for anybody. There are ways to work with government agencies that do not require elaborate strategies. Here are some thoughts.

  • Telephone scripts. If you are contacting a public agency, write a script beforehand. The text must include why you are calling and what you need. Keep this script as short as possible.


  • Stay calm. Telephone contact may include waiting on the phone for an available representative. Please keep in mind this happens to everyone. Being pleasant when you are finally connected to a service representative will help you in the long term. The telephone script you wrote earlier will be an extremely helpful tool. When filling out a government application form, do not do it when you are angry.


  • Read the forms carefully. A government form not filled out correctly means you start over again. Always read the directions first and read those slowly.


  • Know where you are going for help. Discovering that you are going to the wrong public agency for assistance is embarrassing. A little research into what you need is going to be handy. A library is a useful source, and librarians are always willing to help.


  • Supply all the needful evidence. You may need a birth certificate or Social Security card before applying for anything. That is why it is essential to read all the directions before filling out an application. If you are going to a government office, make sure that you know what needs to be presented immediately ahead of time.

Group legal plans do not always provide help with public agencies. The rationale is that they deal with legal issues such as writing wills or giving advice on contracts. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services believes our group legal plan members should get as much as possible from us. We will provide help in dealing with government agencies.

We Use Knowledgeable Lawyers

Countrywide has a nationwide network of attorneys who will provide pre-paid legal services to our group legal plan members. In addition, there is a Countrywide lawyer in every community of our client organizations. Regarding public agencies, our attorneys work with these people all the time.

The attorneys can suggest ways in which a person can best approach a government office. Our legal experts can also direct a group legal plan member to the correct office and whom to see about specific issues. For example, sometimes people forget about deadlines, but our attorneys do not. These legal professionals will provide suggestions on expediting a claim or an application.

Our Clients Are the Decision-Makers

We have other pre-paid legal services that we offer as options. It is up to the client to decide what group legal plan benefits will be given. We will sit with the prospective client’s management and explain our options. We then ask them to determine what they would like in their pre-paid legal services plan. Those selections will be part of the program that we will furnish. Countrywide will handle the administration and the member services.

People need to understand that their tax dollars provide government benefits. Citizens have every right to ask for government help and get it if they qualify. Countrywide is there to make the process easier. We also help with everyday legal problems, and if you wish to know more about what we can do, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.