You Can Start Saving Again Countrywide Counselors Are Ready to Help

stockfresh_548333_people-standing-around-of-money-isolated-3d-image_sizeS-300x225There is a sense of optimism once again in the workplace. People are getting back to the office and others are working from home. Productivity is going up and so, too, is morale. Employees are looking ahead to future purchases and vacations. The challenge is how to afford it all.

Saving Money Is Not Easy

People have become more sensitive to financial wellness issues. There are more cost-conscious and mindful of credit card balances. That is all good, but many got into debt during the pandemic and are having trouble paying down the balances. Wise employers know that if employees can save some money, that will boost morale. Advice that allows an individual to have surplus cash for savings is appreciated. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a financial wellness benefit to promote fiscal responsibility.

A Balanced Budget Will Encourage Savings

COVID-19 disrupted many personal budgets, and some professional tips that will balance finances can help. Countrywide has a national network of certified counselors to assist in creating order out of financial chaos.

Budget analysis permits a counselor to analyze the spending habits of a financial wellness plan member. The cash flow will give ideas where a person can make money savings adjustments easily. In addition, this information will allow the counselor to suggest beneficial ways to pay bills that will leave a surplus the plan member may stash away for a rainy day.

Clearing Out the Trash

Some things a person owns may appear to be nothing but trash, but those same articles are gold to someone else. An asset inventory can reveal collectibles and any financial securities (e.g., whole life insurance policies) that a plan member can sell. A Countrywide counselor can perform an asset inventory that identifies potential sources of cash the plan member might not have realized existed.

A Sense of Respect

Money matters are sensitive issues for any financial wellness plan member. Issues that arose during the pandemic will make anyone a little nervous about reshaping a personal budget. The Countrywide counselor is aware of the anxiety an ordinary person might have.

A personal conference with a counselor is easy to schedule. These meetings will occur in safe environments because our financial professionals already practice safety protocols and safe distancing. A Countrywide plan member has priority status with a counselor so that those private conferences can take place right away.

We do not lecture or preach to any plan member. What that person wants to do is a personal decision we will respect. Our counselors will make recommendations based on years of helping other people. What the plan member decides, however, is the course of action that will be taken. We expect our counselors to show empathy and courtesy, and so far, Countrywide and the clients have not been disappointed.

Clients Play a Major Role

We have several benefit options that will help people deal with financial issues, including college debt, medical bills, and buying a house, among others. We think it is essential to structure a benefit so that all employees will be able to use it. We ask the decision-makers of a prospective client organization to help us out.

Countrywide will explain all the financial wellness services we can provide and answer any questions. We ask the employer to tell us what options will be part of its financial wellness benefit. We will incorporate the selections into the final plan document. Countrywide furnishes the administration and the member services that support the choices. We address all problems that may arise quickly and efficiently.

Planning future purchases is encouraging for employees, and the help an employer provides means a lot. We can help your employees develop the means to put aside cash for those expenses. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.