it is also known as an advance medical directive and many people would rather not deal with a living will. This is a chore that they would rather put off to a later time, and that really is not a great idea. Nobody is immortal and major medical emergencies happen all the time. A good group legal plan includes an option for the drafting of the living will, and there are three very important reasons why an individual should have one composed.

  1.  The hospital needs instructions on what to do. The living will informs the medical staff of the type of care to be given in the event of a medical emergency or death. Without those instructions. The hospital has no choice but to leave the life support systems on indefinitely. It means that costs will continue to grow and even if you are covered by health insurance policy, there is still an annual deductible that must be met. A situation where someone is in a coma could last for a considerable amount of time. The family is left to absorb some rather hefty medical expenses.
  2. A Final Decision Needs to Be Made. There are regrettably instances where a patient is in a comatose state. He or she is unable to give any instructions and the life support systems cannot be turned off. Medical power of attorney is a group legal services benefit that is ordinarily drafted along with living will. It assigns a given individual the authority to make the final decision in the event where it is unlikely the patient will ever again regain consciousness. A group legal plan member with these benefits in the plan will know that the final decision is in his or her best interests. Since the assigned person is one who can be trusted.
  3. The Family Needs Closure. A severe medical emergency, which holds the possibility of death leaves the family in a state of emotional limbo. They know their loved one will never revive, but they cannot mourn because this person is not yet dead. The living will benefit offered by group legal plan can bring needed closure to the entire episode. It is devastating to have a loved one die, but it can be worse to watch this person’s body linger on what hope is gone. A plan member who makes use of this group legal services benefit is able to spare loved ones emotional storm and let them get on with their lives.

Countrywide Offers the Living Will Option

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services knows about the anguish that a family goes through in terminal cases. We have designed group legal plan benefits for organizations since 1987 and we know the horror stories. This is one of the benefits that are attorneys are more than willing to draft for a plan member. They are not difficult to prepare and specific instructions can be given to the hospital staff, which will be carried out. Countrywide lawyers are fully aware of the emotions. A plan member may have about drafting a a living will. All questions are answered with respect and courtesy and all of the details are explained carefully. A person will know that the final document is something that is legally sound with clear directives.

A living will gives a plan member piece of mine. This person knows that no matter what happens in an emergency the instructions left behind will be executed. Countrywide wants to be able to provide any organization with the kind of legal benefits that employees can make use of in their lives. We encourage you resources directors and other decision-makers to contact us about all of our benefits. We firmly believe we offer the kind of legal help any employee will find useful.

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