4 Small Claims Difficulties you can overcome

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 Arguments and disagreements will sometimes end up in legal disputes. Fortunately for most people the day in court goes before the small claims court and not one of the larger legal benches. This does not mean that small claims court does not have its own quirks and challenges. There are a few situations where someone without a group legal plan can encounter a headache.

  1. Rules Covering Small Claims Will Vary

Anyone who is involved in small claims court in another state may find the rules much different in the new locality. States have different rules regarding the small claims administration. Most cases are going to be torts for $3000-$5000 although Tennessee has a limit of $25,000 for small claims cases. No one should be surprised if the administration between the various courts may be a little different.


  1. You Represent Yourself

Even if there are group legal services available, the plaintiff goes before the bench alone. This can be very disconcerting for some people because they will be facing a judge. Poor preparation and the wrong type of evidence can destroy a case even before a verdict is handed down.


  1. The Court Will Not Help in the Collection of a Settlement

This is not a place to expect any group legal services from the bench. The small claims court will make an award but the bench does not have the staff to enforce it. You have to collect the award yourself.


  1. There Is No Other Assistance Made Available by the Court.

People who are in a group legal plan can expect some secondary assistance such as letters written on their behalf. That doesn’t happen with a small claims court. All you will receive is an award handed down by the court. You are left with all the responsibility of trying to get payment. The court is not intended to be of any further help.


Any or all of the above can make a person feel frantic. Not knowing what to do makes processing a small claims case extremely difficult. It would help if there were certain group legal services a person could access to prepare the case, and to get what is rightfully owed. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has an option in our group legal plan services benefits for small claims assistance.


We Help Get the Award

Our national network of attorneys are there to help any Countrywide group legal services plan member prepare for the court appearance. These legal experts can advise on how to best prepare evidence to be presented before the bench. They also can help a plan member prepare a presentation. We understand that the award is something that’s left up to the plaintiff and we’re here to help. Our lawyers will assist in preparing the papers necessary to seize defendant assets or garnish their wages. We can even prepare a lien against the defendant’s property. With advice and the paper processing we can persuade a defendant that the payment is better than the hassle. We are also able to write letters on behalf of the plan member and make telephone calls. Enough pressure can be gently provided to get the award.


Service is provided efficiently with no waiting around. The Countrywide group legal plan benefits are provided efficiently with no unnecessary waiting. We want to be certain that any plan member gets the right kind of help with legal difficulties, including having to deal with small claims court. We have a number of other people options which an organization can consider for the benefit of its employees. These are all suited to the stresses of the modern day life and legal challenges that sometimes crop up. A decision-maker who is contemplating offering group legal benefits should contact us and find out what we have to offer. That person will be pleasantly surprised at the high quality service we perform on a routine basis.