Dealing with the Hackers

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Piracy on the Internet is big business. Hackers storm the security walls of banks and other places of business to secure personal records. These may be worth as much as one dollar per record (e.g. your Social Security number) and the thieves can make hundreds of thousands of dollars in a given heist. Even though large retail companies will assure consumers of security, there is still some major risks. Identity protection offered by a group legal plan is critical for safeguarding credit in the modern economy.

Your Identity Is a Marketable Product.

People worry about hackers setting up phony credit cards but that is just the tip of the iceberg. There is an extensive underworld economy where your information is a product in demand. Thieves will sell their loot to spammers and botnet operators who will in turn take advantage of the information. Phishing schemes have been used to trick elderly into providing even more personal information, and email addresses are used for pay per click advertising schemes. Definitely the worst that can happen to you is your credit card being used for massive purchases. The original thief can do it or an organized crime ring which has purchased your identity. Trying to find the culprits is going be difficult and restoring your credit rating is going to be time-consuming. These hazards can be handled by group legal services that include ID theft protection and credit monitoring.

What Such Group Legal Plan Benefits Must Have

When thinking about ID theft protection and credit monitoring as group legal services to offer, the benefit has to be very comprehensive. It must include reports from credit monitoring bureaus, excellent customer service, and daily monitoring of credit card activity. Knowing immediately if credit cards are being abused by an outside party will permit the victim to start immediately with corrective action. A final benefit of a legal plan offering ID theft protection and credit monitoring ought to be identity theft insurance. The cost of resurrecting financial credibility can be both time-consuming and expensive. The identity theft insurance will help with the expenses. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers group legal plan options that cover all of these needs.

Countrywide Gives High Quality Help

We offer two group legal services options to consider: the Platinum ID Protector Plan and the Premier ID Protector Plan. Each provides reports from major credit bureaus (Experian™, TransUnion™ and Equifax™). A $25,000 identity theft insurance policy is also part of either plan. Each does have its own additional benefits and it is up to the organization to decide which one to have.

That is one major quality of Countrywide. We do not force a boilerplate group legal services plan on anyone. We believe that options are important to any decision-maker, and that is what we will provide. What any client can expect from Countrywide is efficient and quick service. An employee who has had his or her personal identity hacked is in a state of near panic. We understand this and make sure that the help promised in a given plan is delivered as quickly as possible. It starts the individual back on the road to recovery from a theft. We know from our experience that this is the best comfort for anyone who has been hacked.


Countrywide Specializes in Empathy

All of our plans have a human touch to it. Anyone who is panicked by personal information being compromised will find respectful and courteous service from our staff. Questions are asked are taken very seriously and responded to as soon as possible. We know the emotions of a victim are very sensitive and we do what we can to calm people down.

We gladly respond to any questions about our identity theft protection and credit monitoring options. We encourage decision-makers to call us and find out more about how these group legal plan benefits will protect their employees.