Communication is Everything

A one on one Legal Relationship is Important

 Legal advice is not a product and group legal services are not manufactured devices. A lot depends upon the relationship that is developed between the attorney and his or her client. Group legal plan vendors will talk about benefits, but not always concentrate on quality of the services. It is essential that proactive communications be developed early when seeking the advice of a lawyer.

It Relieves the Anxiety

No one seeks out an attorney for the sake of a chat. People who are in need of legal assistance can be in an agitated state. They may have discovered that their personal information has been hacked into, or there is a long-standing dispute with a landlord which is becoming intolerable. The attorney has to be able to draw out the facts of the issue from the visitor. This is easier to do if that same legal professional shows empathy and understanding. The quality of service is often noted best in demeanor. A group legal plan member can detect sincerity in the tone of an attorney’s voice over the telephone. Such courtesy can also be uncovered in the way this legal professional behaves in a one-on-one consultation.

Services Rendered Are Based on an Established Trust

The trust necessary for a good relationship is not created overnight. If a person is allowed to make unlimited telephone calls on a given situation this develops confidence. High quality group legal services encourage such talks. The trust also comes when assistance such as legal correspondence and telephone calls made on behalf of the plan member are handled efficiently. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has provided help in designing group legal plan benefits since 1987. We recognize how important it is for good communication between a plan member and an attorney. This is why we encourage it. Additionally, we screen lawyers for their personal skills as well as legal experience. Any lawyer who provides group legal services as part of the Countrywide network has a personality that reduces anxiety, and helps establish a good rapport. Anyone who needs the help of a Countrywide lawyer knows that he or she will be at the top of the list. Countrywide expects every member of the network to work hard in establishing trust and good relationships with plan members.

Effective Administration Backs up Communication

Unless there is quick service all assurances are nothing but talk. That can make any communication pointless and destroy any trust that was built. Countrywide deliberately streamlines its administration to allow for very quick provision of services. When a Countrywide attorney says something is going to happen, this person knows that the Countrywide administrative procedures are going to be able to get things done rapidly. It doesn’t matter who the group legal plan member happens to be; very effective and efficient service is provided.

A plan member knows that whatever has been communicated as far group legal services will be carried out. That kind of confidence makes the value of any group legal benefit so much more important. Countrywide can deliver this better than other vendors. We have worked with organizations of all sizes and demographics. Countrywide knows what is needed by a client whether the client happens to be a nonprofit organization, or a manufacturing company.

We have a variety of options an organization may consider having as part of the plan. No matter what is finally decided it is a given that highly competent communication is going to be part of the package. We want plan members to feel secure in working with our attorneys and we do what is necessary to make that a reality. All of our options are open for discussion with anyone, and we welcome any inquiries about our benefits just contact us today!