4 Ways to Manage the Credit Card Balance

Many households are scared to death to see the end of the month. It is when the credit card statements arrive and the balances can appear overwhelming. It isn’t necessarily because the family spends on a whim; the interest rates can drive the balances up. It seems that every 30 days the financial wellness of the house is under attack. There is no need to throw up your hands and just declare defeat. There are ways which you can manage those balances and put the plastic cards under control.Help Person Wrapped in Red Tape Needs Rescue

Common Means of Regaining Control

  1. Be Aware of Your Balance. It all starts out knowing exactly how much you owe. It is not just one credit card but all the cards together. Don’t let the final figure frighten you. Some credit cards will have lower balances than others.
  2. Know Your Total Monthly Income. You need an understanding of how much money you have so that you can adequately budget.
  3. Understand What Your Other Household Expenses Are. Your total monthly income is the gross income. What you do next is find out what income you have net of other expenses. In other words, after you have deducted the non-credit card bills, what money is left over? You will determine from that how much you can spend each month on managing your credit card debt.
  4. Get Some Advice on Financial Wellness from a Professional. You might not be a financial expert and you may not be aware of all of the options. It is possible that certain means of financing will make the debt payment a lot easier. Your effort to bring down credit card debt will be made easier with advice from a professional.

We Offer Financial Wellness Assistance.

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has provided benefit plans organizations since 1987. We know the burden credit card debt can be on the minds of a lot of people, and we want to help. We offer a financial wellness program that includes professional credit card debt counselors. These people will sit down with a plan member and go over the figures. There is no need to worry about confidentiality, because the counselors are very discreet.

The counselor will take a look at a plan member’s net income and suggest some ideas on how to reduce the debt. It can be as simple as paying off one credit card at a time, or transferring balances from one card to another. What is important is the feeling of relief an individual experiences. A Countrywide counselor will show the way to better financial management. A possible timetable can be developed which shows benchmarks, and when credit card debt goals are met. Countrywide tries to make things easier with streamlined administration. Any financial wellness plan member can expect to receive prompt service. That is in addition to superior advice.


Many Employees Need Help

Decision-makers are concerned about productivity and the best ones know how stress affects it. Employees who are worried about their credit card debt are distracted and have a tough time concentrating on specified goals. A financial wellness program helps relieve that stress and puts the person on the path to better stability. In this economy financial advice is as important as health insurance. An employer can not only get the benefit of increased productivity, but the appreciation of employees. These hard-working people understand their employer is there to help. The result is an increase in loyalty. That is something every modern organization needs to have to survive.

Countrywide has a number of options that can help a person manage debt. We tailor all our plans so that the organization determines exactly what options are going to be made available. We discuss all of our options in greater detail any interested party. Please do not hesitate to contact us.