You Can End Family Budget Woes


It isn’t Difficult When you get Good Advice


Household expenses can make or break the bank in many households. Financial wellness many times is centered on the family budget. It seems to be so basically simple. You see how much gross income you have, compare that against what your expenses are, and decide how much money goes to paying off the various bills. This assumes there are no emergencies and no long-term debts that come in the picture. Things happen, and the unexpected can strain the budget. Moreover, a family sometimes budgets so tightly they cannot respond to sudden developments. What finally happens is the budget is just discarded; it is too difficult to follow. A great service an employer can provide for the workforce is a financial wellness program. This can help employee set up a manageable family budget.

Understanding Expenses

Even the best plan budget comes under some strains. Here are a few things that can train wreck that carefully designed domestic financial plan:

  • Adjustable Rate Mortgage. Unlike a fixed rate mortgage, payments can suddenly jump with a new interest rate;
  • Auto Maintenance. It is not just repair done after accident. Routine maintenance is a expense that is not always planned out ahead of time;
  • Medical and Dental Expenses. Insurance may cover a lot of the cost but there still is the deductible. Hospitals and healthcare facilities expect prompt payment and do not hesitate to call in debt collection agencies;
  • Prices can go up depending on the season. People also have a bad habit of buying what looks delicious or interesting. That tendency can increase the grocery bill.

Credit cards are not be mentioned for a very simple reason. This is an item that most families budget for without any difficulty. The challenge arises when the household forgets to a credit card bill and incurs late fees as a consequence.

Family budgets are important but unexpected costs will result in people just abandoning the outline. Having a benefit that allows for a budget counselor to be contacted can help put things in the order. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services understands how well-meaning households sometimes get swamped in a sea of red ink. We have a financial wellness plan that can help any family develop a smart budget.

The Right Kind of Advice

A Countrywide budget counselor has helped other people put their household finances in order. This is a professional who understands how unforeseen expenses can destroy a budget, and how a little fine-tuning helps. Usable information such as reasonable auto maintenance (e.g. changing

The oil every 5000 miles instead of every 2000 miles), ways to see to it credit card bills are paid on time (automatic deductions from the bank account), and simple ways of putting aside money for unexpected medical costs or mortgage payments are offered. The advice delivered helps the household appreciate ways in which a budget can be managed. This kind of benefit relieves a lot of stress. People have a better idea of where there domestic money is going, and some easy ways to cut costs.

Every human resources director knows that people bring their family concerns to work with them. Providing assistance with a family financial plan means one less worry distracts an employee from corporate objectives. Financial wellness is also the kind of benefit that employees greatly appreciate. It lets them know the company is concerned about their financial well-being.

The Countrywide financial counselors give priority to financial wellness plan members. We also see to it that service is provided quickly and effectively. A prospective client is allowed to design the plan best suited to organizational needs. Countrywide has a number of options for financial wellness which can be reviewed. We encourage decision-makers to contact us and find out more.