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Human Resources directors and CEOs get a lot of telephone calls from vendors about employee benefits. Some of these are worthwhile, but quite a few are programs that cost more than they are worth. A group legal plan is not a frivolous idea at all. Our society has become increasingly more legalistic and regular employees need help. Here are five reasons why your organization should have group legal services benefits and how your employees will benefit.

1.Everyone Needs a Will

This is a group legal services option that is the most commonly used. A person without a will leaves family members in probate hell. It can be months or even years before the estate is finally settled if there is no last will and testament. Living wills and medical powers of attorney are also important to see to it that an employee’s wishes regarding healthcare are performed.

2.Contracts Need Explaining

A person who is not well-versed in legal language can find contracts to be incredibly confusing. The same is true for rental leases and other legal documents. Ignorance of the nouns and verbs can lead to arguments and misunderstandings. A standard group legal services benefit is interpretation of legal documents by a seasoned attorney.

3. Warranties Can Be Confusing

An individual can pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for a warranty on a car or appliance. Failure to comply with the warranty can nullify any benefits. A group legal plan member can consult with an attorney about the warranty and what needs to be done to put the terms into effect.

4.Referrals Can Be Critically Important

Situations can arise where an attorney with the specialized knowledge is important. This can be immigration or patent law, and these attorneys are not easy to come by. A high-quality group legal plan has a referral network of attorneys. That legal professional with special skills can be contacted, and the plan may have provisions that allow for significant discounts in hourly fees.

5. Identity Theft Protection Offers Internet Security

Media stories about hackers breaking through security walls and stealing personal financial information can make any employee very nervous. Identity theft protection can relieve an off a lot of anxiety. Employee knows that if their credit information is ever compromised there is group legal services benefit to restore hard earned credit scores.

You Should Consider Countrywide

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services have helped organizations set up legal plan benefits. We tailor any plan so that it fits the needs of the organization. It doesn’t matter if you have a small staff or large group of employees; Countrywide can provide great service. We have an administration that is deliberately kept as simple as possible. When your employees need help, they will get it almost immediately. They will receive legal assistance from attorneys who are screened on both legal expertise and people skills. Every group legal plan member is treated with the same level of courtesy. Their individual problem becomes a high priority and the Countrywide attorney will work on the issue until it is resolved. Any plan member who has questions may contact the Countrywide attorney with unlimited telephone calls provided for a given situation. Face-to-face consultations are also something that can be done. We do our best to see to it that your employees get maximum service.

While should you consider Countrywide? Every one of the reasons mentioned above is a service that Countrywide can provide for your employees. Incidentally, these are just a few of the options that are available for your consideration. More and more average people need the assistance of a skilled attorney in this modern society.

We can provide the necessary assistance, and we encourage you to contact us and ask any questions about all of our benefits.