Poor Customer Service Evaluation

Consumer Protection is a Worthwhile Service

Consumer protection is a right every customer needs. Government enacted consumer protection laws so that scams and deliberate attempts to defraud people were prevented. The statutes also guard against faulty products or services being sold to people. Not too many people realize this but service is also included under consumer protection. If a plumber fixes a pipe and causes other damage in the process, that is something for which a complaint can be legitimately filed. A group legal plan ought to have an option that allows for help when a person has problems involving products purchased or services received.

Too Many People Fail to File

Nobody likes to be taken advantage of or get bad service. Unfortunately, too many people who are victims do little or nothing about it. They are afraid that it will take too much time or that a consumer protection agency will do nothing. This is what the offenders rely on. They feel secure in the knowledge that no matter how loud a person yells, that poor consumer is not going to do anything about it. A company that is thinking of group legal services for its employees should be looking into what kind of consumer protection is available. The best group legal plan benefits provide comprehensive help.

Assistance Should Cover All Bases

At the very least, the group legal services benefit should offer advice to a wronged consumer. But that is just the bare-bones type of assistance. There should be more than just helping a person file a complaint. The best kind of assistance includes involvement on the part of the attorney. This person should be able to write letters to the offending party on behalf of the plan member. It happens many times that restitution is made once the service provider recognizes an attorney is involved. If ultimately the problem has to go to small claims court, the group legal services should allow for the attorney to help prepare the case. In other words, this is more than just an FAQ page, or one hour consultation with an attorney. The best group legal plans will go the distance. That is exactly what Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services does.

We Take Consumer Protection Seriously

Our experience with all types of organizations alerts us to the need to provide as much help as possible. Countrywide attorneys do more than offer advice. They will write correspondence or make telephone calls on behalf of a plan member, and assist in any preparation of a small claims court case. Anyone who has been defrauded in the marketplace has questions. Countrywide does more than just provide unlimited telephone calls to an attorney on a given situation. Face-to-face consultations are also permissible. Our attorneys are in the neighborhood. This means they may be fully aware of the service provider and know how best to deal with such a business. Some group legal plan vendors provide only marginal service. We expect our attorneys to treat everyone as a priority. It is our hope that any consumer protection issue is resolved as quickly as possible to the benefit of a plan member. The Countrywide lawyers will work to that end.

Comprehensive group legal services are what Countrywide always provides. We have a reputation for superior service and our administration is deliberately streamlined. We do our best to see to it that any issue brought to our attention is handled quickly and efficiently. Nobody should be forced to pay for shoddy service. We can help see to it that an employee who is a plan member is treated fairly, and his or her consumer complaint given full attention. It is one of the many options that we have for organizations to consider and there are others.

We encourage human resources departments to contact us about our consumer protection assistance as well as other legal help benefits.