A Benefit’s Value is Important You Can Discover Countrywide’s Worth

benefits-300x135A new employee benefit is only as good as its services. Employees appreciate the additional perk, but positive feelings will fade if a plan member must do all the work. It is essential to ask a vendor about the primary benefits and what other services are offered to enhance a plan member’s experience.


Countrywide Help


Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has been providing a group legal plan benefit since 1987 for all kinds of organizations. Our nationwide network of attorneys will draft a will, advise on working with government agencies, and give consumer protection advice. These services are not delivered in chat rooms.


Countrywide attorneys will schedule conferences at a mutually convenient time. It is not hard to contact a Countrywide legal professional because there is one practicing in a client’s community. Our group legal plan members receive priority treatment.


Secondary activity will support the main benefits of the Countrywide group legal plan. These will increase the value of the service when used properly, and our attorneys will do that.


Information gathering is vital for resolving many legal issues. Countrywide provides the services to get data or essential directions. The lawyers are empowered to make telephone calls and write correspondence on letterhead stationery for the sake of the plan member.


The communications are rarely threatening. A Countrywide attorney often uses telephone calls and letters to negotiate or resolve a dispute or misunderstanding. The presence of a Countrywide lawyer speeds things up to the benefit of all the parties involved.


A group legal plan member is rarely familiar with the law. Uncertainty lingers and must be corrected. Countrywide knows how important it is to educate a plan member. We allow an individual to make as many phone calls to a lawyer on a given subject as is necessary. That pre-paid legal services benefit clears up any fog of doubt.


A Worthwhile Reminder


Many group legal plans will charge members for telephone calls or letters. We do not. We go one step beyond the usual in a critical area.


We draft simple wills, and estate circumstances change over the years. Countrywide sends a reminder to plan embers about updating their wills. That service encourages a plan member to remove deceased beneficiaries and perhaps add new ones.





The Quality of Caring


Legal issues create stress and anxiety. We want only those lawyers who have excellent people skills. Countrywide lawyers are patient listeners who empathize with plan members. People will calm down when they know the service provider is listening and cares about problems.


We Work Closely with Clients


Countrywide has provided employee benefits since 1987, and we know our pre-paid legal services are a great help to employees. We furthermore understand that a client’s employees might not need some of our benefits. We would never try to force a prospective client to accept our entire package. Instead, we seek to create a service that is highly usable by the client’s workforce. Here is how we do that.


We ask the decision-makers of the organization to examine our basket of pre-paid legal services benefits. We field any question and answer it completely. The client then chooses which options will be part of the new employee benefit. We back up those selections with superior member services. Also, we have streamlined administration that reduces any delays. The plan member will get the absolute best despite that person’s job title, and there will not be any long waits.


We embrace the concept of the client comes first, and Countrywide does its best to please. We encourage prospective clients to do reference checks on us and ask others about our services. Countrywide is a leader in the industry because we provide the best. If you have any questions about us, please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience. We welcome any chance to be of service.